Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Finally reached the end of 3 painfully long interviews. I feel rather productive about today.

The very last question was "what is next for you?"

I thought of breakfast.

And so I said, finding someone to have breakfast with.


ØŦĀĶŬ-ČĦĂŅ said...

Hoorah for getting things done!

Lol. I know right? I guess if someone asked that to me I would say... "School. 'Cause it's a betch."

Fans are awesome~
Sorry to hear about your having to miss that sleepover... Personally, I've never been to one, lol.

*Patx* *Patx*

riverstyx said...

mmm, breakfast... i like those foggy pics from the previous entry, very ethereal :)

P said...

That's an interesting remark for an interview..
How did the interviewer take it?


Yin said...
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Yin said...


i guess your interviewer would think you had a sense of humor, yeah?

Dòdiy Dòringer said...

Hello... Jingna how can i get in touch with you ? I would be glad if you teack a look on my fotos, Tank you

Judes said...

Beautiful photos! Waiting for more of your work.