Beijing Part III: Christian Dior and Chinese Artists

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is one of the main reasons I went to Beijing this time. Quentin did a series of work for the show, if you remember my trip to Paris, that was to assist him for this project. XD

The exhibition is held at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in the 798 art district in Beijing till the 15th January.

Very cool passageway

A roomful of mirrors reflecting a video wall. During the time I was there taking this, more than just a few people couldn't find the exit, I almost walked into the mirrors too during my first round at the exhibits. ^^;

So beautiful even though they're just toiles. T_T

Mega huge lady dior bag made of fluorescent light tubes~ the tiny black silhouettes below are indeed actual people.

One of my favorites from the show. It's so cool can. *_*

Another angle

Large portrait of John Galliano composed of the artist's pseudonym AK-47.

Quentin's works.

This basically introduces an artist's work based on sensors when you're in the respective areas. I heart the shell.

There's a lot more but I didn't take photos of everything, I'm sure you can find well-taken ones online. The exhibition itself is such an experience, it's really so epic... to see everything up close and they're all soooo large. Do drop by if you're in Beijing, it's really worth it.

Was walking around in 国贸 and saw that the Dior boutique had Quentin's work on display as well. Well done and congrats dear~


That about sums up Beijing.

Been working since I came back to Singapore, stepped on a piece of broken glass during a shoot yesterday. =_=;;

Dropped by AFA today, a friend passed me a Gundam Wing Zero tshirt he bought me when he was at Asiagraph in Tokyo. It is omgsoniceyouhavenoideahowmuchiloveit. I'm so touched~ Thank you so much T___T


Evil M said...

Quentin is a name?Bleh i didn't know that a couple of years ago and was all proud because i invented it retarded haha..i guess i'm not it's owner x.x..

ØŦĀĶŬ-ČĦĂŅ said...

That is so...impressive! It looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. your foot alright?!

How thoughtful. I love it when friends give me things like that...♥

riverstyx said...

@evil M: ever heard of quentin tarantino? ;)

love the pics! omg the art in that exhibition is so cool.. esp those human shaped ones, the really big one! @_@

were u wearing shoes? hope ur ok ;)

VORFAS said...

The style of the exhibition is amazing, very original