Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Due to some last minute stuff... I'm going to Paris with Quentin again.

Will depart this Friday evening, stay there for a while, go to China again and return in January.

So... I apologize for being unable to accept internship applications for December due to this, will get back to shortlisted applicants once I get back to Singapore. I'm so sorry to everyone who'd written in already. >_< Finally got around to resizing some editorials for web posting, so here goes~ female brides fall 2008
editor: allyson klass
photography: zhang jingna
styling: vernon sim
hair: judy koh
makeup: dily wang
models: jenna, natalia
location: club intercontinental lounge at intercontinental singapore

project: smitten nov 2008
photography: zhang jingna
styling: furqan saini
hair: faith
makeup: joanna koh
model: alexandra

project: smitten nov 2008 cover
photography: zhang jingna
styling: furqan saini
model: tais

Someone at Smitten conveniently forgot to credit the team which worked on this cover.


Oh well.

Now sleep, then shoot, come home and pack, sleep, then one more shoot and I'll be off. Yay~


riverstyx said...

so much travelling! you're lucky. ;)

nice work, i esp like the ones in the black outfits :)

xynthian said...

Wow. absolutely stunning work. I like the lights shining in from behind the model.

Yin said...

Gorgeous photos :]

It's a shame about Smitten >_<+

contrlfreq said...

absolutely fabulous!

b said...

fabulous as always :)
just curious though, are your applicants kinda supposed to know they're shortlisted by now or...?

Nik said...

The first series with " the girl in white " - reminds of your old works...Works with the girl in "dark" more of " a line of mood "...The second series is already transition to other level...
Time will be possible in this visit to Paris at you to photograph a little " the Japanese streets in Paris "...
Now I begin search of investors for the project... I long searched similar for " a free niche " for creativity...

Nik Nikopol

david santos said...

Fantastic posting!!!!

Evil M said...

You never stop amazing me,really.

geminie said...

Hi Zhang!

I love your work, and I just posted about you, your book, and some of your images that I love on my new photography blog.

If you have a minute, I would love it if you could check it out:

Keep doing what you love!


Javi García said...


Come from bloggers united on the hub.

Beautiful photos on your blog, really stunning work!


amandalim said...

the lighting is really harsh in the bridal editorial.. and tends to look overexposed...

but i love the smitten ed. =)

T and T said...

Wow, you are such an established photographer at such a young age =)
Love to see your work in local magazines =)


Jayme Fosa said...


Reading your blog is giving me an uncomfortable perspective. I have to wonder what all the photographers think about bloggers who use their work without permission or credit.