Sunday, August 31, 2008

Watched the screening of Sakuran with Skan and Derek from IFS.

Really really nice. I love Mika Ninagawa's directions, so distinctively her.

The goldfish kept making me think of Dave McKean even though it's different. Hahaha.

Anna Tsuchiya is love.

Someone at the screening thought zemotion was a guy. =_=

As for my exhibition...

The exhibition website is here:

and also, on Facebook Events.


Mercedes Benz Print Ad

Friday, August 29, 2008

Client: Mercedes Benz Taiwan
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising
Art Direction: Akiko Chung
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Furquan Saini
Makeup: Larry Yeo
Hair: Alicia Tey for Irina, Larry Yeo for Claude
Models: Irina and Claude/Mannequin

Done a while back, it's started rolling out and I wish someone'd send me photos of the billboards, that's what I think I'd like to see most, I guess.

I wish I shot the cars, then I'll have loads of money and make working on my personal work possible, and build sets that cost 10000 dollars each for the rest of the year, and still live happily ever after, whilst owning harems of bishies with long beautiful hair like Jack.

Just kidding.

I'm heading to Bangkok 22-27th Sept, and London mid-late Oct.

I really really want to go back to Tokyo at the end of the year. If only London's not so freaking expensive and compulsory.

Been doing press check every day, it's such a painful process but it makes me so happy to see the prints.

My papers are like, made in Japan ok. Hahaha.

We also started doing the canvas prints:
This is the only one I've got a photo of so far. A 30"x30" of "of the Night: A Dream of You". Really really beautiful. T_T

Lolita is not Cosplay

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plugging for Zeng, who shamelessly spammed me at 2am while I am trying to type my thank you essay (painfully) for my photobook. Booo.

Oh well, but it's cute so he is forgiven. See more at Ah girl and monkey.

Received a call today from the UK informing me that I'd won a Silver and two Bronzes at the British Professional Photography Awards.

So yes, I'd be flying to London again this Oct. It'd be nice to take a break after the exhibition madness, even though I have Bangkok at the end of Sept (and I will get to see Lee Sedol. *swoons*). Hahaha.

I just wish it's somewhere less expensive, at least if it was Tokyo, I can blow my savings on Alice Auaa with a meaning. Ahhhhhh~~ I don't even remember how St John's Wood was like anymore.

September Editorials

Sunday, August 24, 2008

For Harper's Bazaar: One of my favorites~ The necklace is sooo beautiful T_T

Styled by Alli Sim.
Kind of missing 2 beauty shots, I don't know where they went, maybe the next issue. >_>

Smitten's decor spread:
Styled by Yin. We had like, 48 donuts (I only took 6, really, and Kagetsuki and I finished all 6 after the shoot hahaha).

Styled by Yin too, makeup by Cherlynn Ong, hair by Kenneth Ong.

For Appetite.

Lasalle-SIA had been ridiculous. I don't know to laugh, or cry. Laugh bitterly I guess. Lawl.

After dragging the payment for 4 months, they've decided to inform me that they would be deducting 80% of my payment for my "school fees", for the months AFTER I received dozens of letters telling me I'd permanently withdrawn. And despite ALL that, I'd never received the 20% outstanding payment anyway.

Someone tell me how is this even legally correct?

My Wacom just gave its first sign of dying today. Horrible things all happen at the same time, I don't even feel like I can laugh it off anymore.


Well, that's about as much as I should rant. Back to work, starting Tuesday we'll begin the printing for the exhibition pieces. I'll remember to take photos~~

I'd like to thank everyone who'd sent their congratulations for the exhibition and purchased Something Beautiful, your support and encouragement really mean so much to me, especially in a time like this.

I promise not to rant in the future, so just forgive me, and let me be childish today...~ T_T

Something Beautiful

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Please head over to the new ordering page for information and preview images. Thank you!

- Jingna

Beauty stuff.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Done for BeautyBlackBook a while back. Gorgeous makeup by Greg O.

Greg does really really beautiful eyes and hair (can't see much hair in these 2, I'll post the hair focused ones when they're out).

Ahhh beautiful is beautiful. *loves*

And a more cheerful set for Smitten. Also done with Greg~

Ahhh I am so so so so tired.

I sat on the floor for so long in such bad positions while shooting today, my ass now hurts like the bones may split if I don't sit on somewhere cushioned.

But it's all really worth it.

For the first time I woke up almost an hour before my alarm rang in the morning. (This has really, never, ever, happened before)

For the first time I felt nervous and anxious for a shoot both at the same time (usually it's just either or).

For the first time I actually DREAMT about doing the shoot JUST prior to doing it (imagine my panic and horror).

For the first time I worked with a face is so beautiful and inspiring I felt like as if I was shooting a million-dollar campaign.

And well, the photos look great. Thank you everyone for the hard hard hard work. *hugs*

And random rant on the Olympics and Air Rifle (that I'd totally quit but still slightly obsessing over)

I can't believe Zhu Qinan came in 2nd and lost the Men's 10m Air Rifle medal. His only mission is like, to win this gold in this Olympics. I feel so sad for him and Du Li. Sigh.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Omg the Women's 10m Air Rifle is already over~! Start time was 8.30am instead of the usual 9.

Czech Republic's Katerina Emmons won the first gold of the Games with a perfect qualification score of 400/400, which equaled the World Record, and set a new Olympics Record. Her finals score was 103.5.

China's Du Li ranked 5th after finals, her qualification was 399/400 and finals was 100.6, a whole series of very low 10s and a 9.7.

I think 399 is probably Du Li's average, but the finals performance could really have been better... It's so unfortunate, I've no doubt that China was pinning on this to be the first gold of the Beijing Olympics Games.


While watching the Olympics opening last night I was actually going all over Katerina telling Jie Ying (my intern) how amazing she was, but I didn't even think of the possibility of Du Li losing this medal. She's that godlike~

I feel so sad. I guess it's a little personal since I'd trained under her national coach a few times when I used to go to Shanghai for winter trainings, their stories had always been so inspiring to me...

Haaaaaaiz. T_T

Now I'm watching the Live Results for Men's 10m Air Pistol qualification. Man I feel nervous just looking at it.

Oh oh oh Jason Turner just screwed up his 3rd series. *_*

Ahhhhh mum why didn't I go to Beijing with you to watch the Games. I wanna be there~~~ not here doing.. doing... DI.


A tiny voice tells me, it's because I have to work and have no life. Not true~

Fine I shall camp out, and just watch the results page update itself.

*edit* 3.28pm
Men's 10m Air Pistol finals just ended. Omg qiangggg. China's 2nd Gold in the Games~~!

Pang Wei's final score 102.2 (that's like, damn high for pistol).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Next week is going to be crazy. ;_;

Way too much things to organize.

I don't know whether I'm obsessed with work or weiqi or just Tokyo, I actually dreamt of being back in Japan looking for a goban for a photoshoot.

I was in some old shops managed by grandmas and grandpas. One old man was telling me how difficult it would be to find thick gobans with legs these days. I was being picky about the design, and absolutely wanted the height. Odd thought there because there is usually just one design (I think).

Eventually someone drew me a map and directed me elsewhere to an even older shop. Whether I found my goban or not, I don't know. Maybe it just couldn't happen because I don't have the money for one. Hahaha.

Perhaps the sourcing for props for upcoming shoots has finally gotten to me.

Oh well, at least it was kind of a nice dream. My dreams involving weiqi are always kind of pleasant now that I think of it, and such dreams are so very rare.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I wrote a journal entry on my deviantart about my infringed works a few days ago.

The artist for the CD cover has finally replied. I'm shocked and pissed beyond words.

"Annoying coincidence" my ass.

I shall blog about the artist's reply later tonight, for if I blog now this page will be littered with more upper cases and profanities than I had cursed in a whole year and I prefer if it didn't have to turn out that way.
Had the worst migraine in a long time. It usually comes when I'm under too much stress or pressure (probably self induced). This time it came in the midst of sleeping. I woke up, slept, woke up, slept some more. Stubborn as it was, it just refused to go away.

I vaguely wondered for the first time if I actually need to see a doctor for it.

It did go away, eventually.

Joe was suddenly very keen on tarots, I said I could give him one of my old decks if he can find them. I haven't seen them for some years.

Then I had a sudden urge to arrange all my books, they'd been everywhere since we moved here.

To my horror I found out that a lot of my art and photobooks are missing, as well as my complete collections of The Sandman and Gothic Lolita Bible. They're probably hidden somewhere, in some boxes. Oh well.

I did see most of my manga, though.

A lot of childhood photos came up. Joe said I should post them some day.

After Joe left (no luck with the tarot deck), I felt inspired to work and actually got down to finalizing options for 4 sets of photos. Which very very very rarely happen these days.


A simple shoot, but this is among the things keeping me sane from work.

Just us, in my room. We move quietly, no need for vast studio space, music and small talks. No worries about deadlines, retouching revisions I so dread, cropping restrictions.

No other presence.

It's a wonderful feeling to shoot without people scrutinizing every shot on the computer and trying to direct my shoot. I didn't realize how much I missed this quiet feeling.

And because I feel I'd worked so much yesterday, I shall slack and laze around today for I know tomorrow will be full of revisions and DI. But there's a shoot to look forward to, so I shall rest~

Then again I'm fascinated with my shelves all of a sudden, and as I am bored I shall take photos.

Doll Vol3-7's missing, I realllly like the series and found myself actually rereading it as I started cleaning up. On the right is Blade of the Immortal, coming to think of it, the first print was in 1994, it's been 14 years. I only picked it up around 2001/2002, but still, it feels like time passed so fast.

Hikaru no Go at the back, Serial Experimental Lain DVD, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust DVD, Soundtrack DVD (no subtitles, but sugizo is love), Blade of the Immortal (English, very very expensive), Paradise Kiss. Anansi Boys (I think it's my favorite from Neil Gaiman, other than Fragile Things and Coraline), and on the right Lareine's Never Cage and Malice Mizer's Bara no Seido.

XXX Holic and Trinity Blood with many missing volumes, Kagen no Tsuki Limited Edition box set which was very very veeeery expensive (I think if it's released now, I wouldn't buy it). Record of Lodoss War manga missing Vol2, and some ImagineFX issues that noah-kh contributed in (and I co-wrote and translated for).

I love Goth, one of my favorites too~ It's like a softer, less complex version of MPD Psycho, with its own edge~

The very few surviving artbooks, some Shoxx, Harper's Bazaar, whole set of pirated Angel Sanctuary manga I bought after I'd read the series (which were original, and gave away, if you insist on knowing), thinking I'd reread them, and it never happened.

Some of my favs are here too: Peter Lindbergh, Terra's Cover Girls, Madeleine Vionnet, Malice Mizer's Bara no Higeki, LUNA SEA's ZOE, (these all have like, 2 books, and I have no clue where they went), Hikaru no Go artbook, X Japan Final Legend, Hyung Tae Kim's Oxide 2 (both korean and japanese versions, yes I really liked HTK at one point of time), Ayano Yamane's artbook for the Viewfinder Series, Hiroaki Samura's Love of the Brute (Hitodenashi no Koi), Weiss Kreuz artbooks, Samurai 7 concepts (thank you derek!).

I'm clearly procrastinating from work.

Not enough for me to post my childhood photos though, maybe next time.

My mum is going to Beijing to watch the Olympics, I sorta regret not taking up her offer to go along.

I used to go into the field picking up clay pigeons, run up the mountains and picking up random fruits from trees.

I miss that 大杂院 I grew up in, with huge walnut trees.

It's probably not there anymore.