Wednesday, October 29, 2008

let me drown
in this dream
so it wouldn't hurt

to remember
to forget

I was introduced to Selia during Alamode Night in April when I was in Tokyo. He was soft-spoken, gentle, kind and very very elegant.

We did the shoot 2 days later just before I came back to Singapore. Much of it was done without much words for we couldn't really communicate. Yet, somehow, in the silence, we moved in synchronicity.

Day 6-7: Manchester, London, and back home

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 6: Dreamplace

Shot in Manchester. :3

Returned back to Derek's place from Hilton after 12am the night before. Packed till 3am and there was STILL no hot water, so I ended up going to sleep feeling filthy and totally wrecked. I'd only managed to get 3 hours of sleep the morning before.

Managed to sleep for almost 5 hours this time.

And I had this dream, there was this rg air rifle junior of mine, my mum, jun, lee sedol, and i. (Strange combination, then again, it's just a dream)

Turned out quite horrifying, it ended with me slashing myself. =_=

Forgot to upload this, think it was taken on the way from London to Newcastle.

Anyway, moving forward, my makeup artist Andrea picked me up from Manchester Piccadilly station and we went over to her place to wait for Maan, who flew into London from Netherlands in the morning and had to take a train from there. >.< Stuff that kept me occupied as I waited for makeup and hair to be done.

Reached back in London at 9+, Kiem picked me up and we headed for dinner at Hakkasan. The sea bass was really nice. *_*

*I was so damn tired I fell asleep typing at this point of time, and woke up to find the laptop fallen next to the bed. Argh.

Day 7: Last day!

Sick. Very very sick. Cancelled more shoots.

Did a few simple casual shots with Maan again, some nudes inside: 1, 2, 3.

Then Karin visited with a blueberry pie from PAUL.

Really awesome. *_*

Um, then, pack, and come home. Yay.

Think the weather in Newcastle and Manchester really got me. Now I'm really really sick, my nose won't stop running and I'm coughing so much I feel like my voice is gonna disappear tmr.


Day5, Newcastle: British Professional Photography Awards

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So yes, I won 3 in total. :D

Don't actually feel like blogging much today, so so tired... but Derek says I must blog about his wonderful hospitality... and include a photo of him.

Say hi to Derek my awesome ex-air rifle junior, and me. :3

Milk tea from lunch, I thought the cup was really cool~
(yes, completely random)

And pardon me while I camwhore in his room.


London: Day2-4

Saturday, October 18, 2008

London didn't turn out to be as bad as last time.

Good company makes such a big difference but my impression of the people here (in general) hasn't changed nor improved. (Hahaha sorry)

Day2: Charlene

This gorgeous is Charlene Dang, makeup by Michelle Webb and hair by Viktoria.

Reminds me of the shoot with Kozue in Tokyo – too little clothes, too freaking cold, and me trying to freeze my model to death.

Something a bit random and disgusting happened while we were packing up. I saw this dude under this huge tree (we were just a bit outside it where its branches kinda touch the grounds) jerking off in our direction.

I prodded Michelle and whispered, hey... is the dude like... um, uh...

She was like, huh?

And there was a moment of silence.

Then the shock of realization, in loud whispers she said to Charlene, something along the lines of, omfg the dude's wanking there~!

I mentioned this to a couple friends, they all said it's normal in London. D:


I fell kinda really sick on Thursday evening and ended up cancelling both shoots on Friday. Bleh.

Got better by the evening and went out with Annette Skye for a little bit, then met up with Karin (I modelled for her once, looooong long ago), had some really nice Sichuan food for dinner together with my aunt. It's funny how my first proper 川菜 dining experience was in London instead of anywhere in Asia. =.=

Day4: The London Meetup

The meetup happened at All Bar One, really nice place actually~ Karin who suggested the location ended up having to assist for a shoot. Boo.

There was a girl who came all the way from Cambridge and a boy from Surrey, so instead of the initial plan of just having a quick lunch I decided that we should hang out a bit more to make their trips worth it. So I suggested going to the Victoria & Albert Museum after one of the guys mentioned how nice it was.

In the end 4 of us headed over, and its really really cool~ I like it better than the British Museum.

Didn't take a lot of photos, but these are some of the awesomeness that was there.

View in the gardens.

Mega tapestries.

Instruments always = love.

Just imagine dining here.

We thought about sitting down for a drink, but were too rushed for time to do so. ;_;

The Melville bed.

Epic bed is epic~

My handphone photo's terrible, see it in its full glory here.

Think this carriage is used when the Queen is crowned. I wannnnnnn.

It was wonderful, I only wish I had more time... simply too much stuff to be seen~ T_T

*Updating with meetup photo~

Here, the piece you see us checking out in V&A has this beautiful beautiful passage/poem that struck me:

When the knell rung for the dying
soundeth for me
and my corse coldly is lying
neath the green tree

When the turf strangers are heaping
covers my breast
Come not to gaze on me weeping
I am at rest

All my life coldly and sadly
The days have gone by
I who dreamed wildly and madly
am happy to die

Long since my heart has been breaking
Its pain is past
A time has been set to its aching
Peace comes at last

- Emily Georgiana

I actually attempted translating this into Chinese just to share with some friends. I really really love it. T_T

A sincere thank you to my dearests who travelled so far just to see me. I hope you'd enjoyed the day as much as I did, and that I'd answered your questions.

Go on, chase your dreams.

London: Day1

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Monday, October 13, 2008

London is going to be epic.

Meetup is on this Saturday, Oct 18th
All Bar One, 108 New Oxford Street.

RSVP on facebook.

I'd been sleeping at 6am for 3 days. Argh...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

There're a couple things I should be doing right now, but had been procrastinating from for the past few days.

There're a couple things that I wanna do, or rather, been yearning to do lately, none of which is actually very good for me or my health.

I did get to do something for myself though, something which hasn't happened in a whie. A reshoot, sort of, of "Newspapers are good for you". Man, it's been a year and a half already...

This was done with pages from my photobook that I'd kidnapped from the printers before they were cut up. (yun's "fading" is probably most the identifiable, bottom left)

Kind of in a low now...

Like I'm stuck in a huge bustling square with too many directions, options and distractions; it is chaotic yet at the same time sickeningly quiet because despite being surrounded I am so very alone.

Need to move along, yet can't.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

I still remember this day
when the angels mourned
and the heavens
shed its tears
with us.

Siren's Song

Monday, October 6, 2008

Harper's Bazaar Singapore Oct 08

Styling: Alli Sim
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Hair: Vivian Tay
Make-up: Cindy Goh
Manicure: Joyce Chang
Model: Alex V/Ave
Photography Assistants: Joyce Poh, Andrew Halim, Low Jie Ying
Styling assistant: Sandy Young

Probably my favorite editorial to date. I love, love her face.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cover for luxury magazine, Oct 08.

Fashion direction: Ashburn Eng
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Model: Kim M/Ave
Assistants: Joyce Poh, Octavia S
Makeup: Larry Yeo
Hair: Ivy Tan

This is from the shoot where I damaged my lens, haha.

Will be in London from the 15th-21st this month, possibly want to organize a small meet up. If you're interested do drop a message over on facebook. I'll post the final details up there once I confirm a place and time~

I feel productive today.

Attended the opening of "Eye of the Beholden" by Park Jung Lim at artoholic gallery. (Love the one that's in the photo).

On the way back as Joyce and I walked along Joo Chiat Road there was also the preview of Poetic Ubin by Ho Kah Leong going on, and he invited us in as we walked by. It was hilarious to see faces of the people who were inside when they asked us where we're from and I replied "invited off the streets".

Received an email from a really good model agency in London (which reminded me to look through some 60 casting replies on my MM), now I feel like I have way too little time there. There're so many people I wanna work with, plus I still have to set aside 2 days for Newcastle. Boo~

Oh well, will just have to try to make the best out of it. ;_;

Gah. And now I realized, after all that, I haven't taken my dinner. Painnn.