25 things meme

Friday, January 30, 2009

You do agree with me that overworking, is not good, right?

And that it is ok, once in a while, to be distracted, by doing something like a meme, right? *innocent wide grin*

Okay I'm being silly, nevermind.

The Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. (I'd tagged the people I'd wanted to tag on FB, so it's just the 25 points here~)

1. It should be made compulsory to teach children how to post a letter/package in primary school. Like, for eg., understand that stamps are the postage fees.

2. I have picked up piano again this year, and am currently stuck on page 7 of Without You (Classical Version). Just how do you play it with 2 hands?

3. I've low tolerance for people with low simple-task-completion capabilities, like understanding instructions such as: A is A, and it means A, not B. I am learning to deal with it though.

4. My wardrobe consists mainly of black. And black. Well I think there are 2, or 3 pieces of whites, and... that's about it.

5. Despite the number of anime and manga I'd seen/read (include the BL if you must), I still think that Aya (Weiß) is the hottest thing ever.

6. zemotion means zero emotion. It comes from Zoning and Emotionally Range Omitted system aka the ZERO system in Gundam Wing. I do not enjoy being called kosong, or the various other language versions of the number.

7. Speaking of which, I actually read everything here in Primary 4, or 5. Took notes, and attempted memorizing the build and design of every space colony mentioned. (It was indeed very much a childhood dream to live on a space colony, I thought I'd become an engineer, but alas...)

8. My new year resolution of sleeping before 1am every night has gone down the drain since some 8 days ago. I do plan to reinforce it for at least 2 weeks a month because it makes me feel just slightly healthier.

9. I have a major, major thing, for beautiful high quality packaging.

10. I like things and stories to be beautiful and tragic. Yes, angst please, just don't get too sappy.

11. I have too strong a sense of justice and honour than the society calls for.

12. I know I'd came far in a short amount of time, but I can never let go of the insecurities and inferiority, this feeling that I'm always in your shadows. Never good enough.

13. Despite the years that have gone by, I still think about the ones who left us, now and then. Despite their careless words, such as "one day you will forget", I still remember.

14. I'm attracted to people who play instruments, go, write well, and paint well.

15. Sometimes I dream every night for weeks, and wake up remembering all of them, the scenes often painted with my own blood.

16. I try to please everyone around me, mainly because I don't like conflicts.

17. I did photography because I concluded that I couldn't settle with the fact of knowing that I'd never surpass Noah.

18. I always think myself to be rather friendly, maybe a little quiet in big crowds. But there were people who came up to me during conventions, or after a period of time at school, saying I have a Dark Try-Approach-Me-and-See-How-You-Will-Die Aura.

19. I dislike crowds and noisy places, it makes my head ache. Unless you're talking about say, X Japan concerts.

20. My first read of Neil Gaiman's was The Sandman, Vol10 - The Wake, a gift from Derek on K's death anniversary in 2002.

21. I always think that when a person speaks of being left with no choices, he had. And it's possibly one of the worst excuses to give, ever.

22. Oh wow, 22.

23. I like to write, now and then, for my photographs or Noah's paintings. Just every once in a while even though I am terribly slow at it. I spend on average an hour per sentence, miserable as it sounds, I still do it.

24. I am practical, but idealistic.

25. And now and then, I distract myself from what I am supposed to be completing and do things such as these for hours...

Alright, off to prepare the prints for tomorrow~

SOYA 09 Cosplay + SG Deviant Meetup @ NP

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Event info: soy-japtsubasa.net
Date: Saturday, 31 Jan 2009 (Yes, this Saturday!)
Time: 11am-6pm
Location: Ngee Ann Poly LT26 & Area
Booth Name: zemotion+noah
Booth Number: A4

The SG Deviant Meetup is at 1pm, you check the map on the website for the location (it'll be at the lecture theatre next to my booth). I will drop by for a while.

If you'd wanted something at EOY and didn't get it cuz I wasn't there, now's the chance~ I'll be bringing both prints from noah-kh and myself.

Prices (all in SGD, applies for event only):

Postcard - $3
A4 Art Print - $8
A3 Art Print - $12
Something Beautiful (Hardcover LE) - $139 (Retail: $155)
Something Beautiful (Softcover) - $45 (Online: $55)

Payment by cash only.
Books are to be reserved in advance, please mail to zemotion@gmail.com

Happy Chinese New Year~

Monday, January 26, 2009

Talking to family can so easily drive me up the wall sometimes.

I may be vague, but it doesn't mean that I don't have plans.
I may say that I have uncertainties, but it doesn't mean I'm unsure whether I'll reach my goals.
I may not rebuke, but it doesn't mean you can freely speak ill of the ones who gave me life, endlessly.

I have my own ideals, targets and dreams. It doesn't mean I have none if I never bring them up.

I like leaving certain things flexible, because that is the way I want to live.

I don't want to plan out every single day of my existence till death because that is just bloody insensible damnit.

Silkwinds - Talented 20s - Jan/Feb 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michelle Wie looks soooo cool. *_*
I feel all flattered that I'm put next to her and Daniel Radcliffe :D

Digital Photo Dec 08 Gallery Showcase


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'd been a good girl and kept myself busy with DI.

Managed to progress to October 08's photos (skipped some from Apr and Sept because they're too tedious, I'd come back to them later), I hope I can be done with Dec's images by the end of this month, it makes me feel like I'm in debt or something. Blah.

I'd also been very busy resisting the urge to purchase a Williams.

Because, during Tim and Ling's wedding --

Oh yes, Chijmes was beautiful

and Ling was beautiful~

-- I sat next to Dawn, who just wouldn't stop showing me photos of Williams. And as I'd been telling myself, for the last 4 years, regarding SDs -- I. Must. Resist.

Moving on, at my table:

Kaori and friend

Joie-hime, who sang Over the Rainbow and Fly me to the Moon, you are teh awesome, darling.

And at some point of time there began The Adventures of Panda the Hat.

Dawn - who thought she looked good in it.

Isabel - the Moe! Panda.

Shaoyang - the Dawn-just-admit-it-looks-better-on-everyone-else Panda.

And me, the supposed Angst! Panda in Black Peace Now, but I prefer Serious-Business! Panda, and demonstrated The Way to Camwhore with a DSLR™, with Panda the Hat.

That's all for now. And um, yes, I chopped my bangs. XDDD

The Graveyard Book

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I admit I came a little slow to getting my hands on it -- I haven't made time to read for a long while.

Managed to start on my copy yesterday, unsure of what to expect, but certainly not an ending that was going to make me tear.

Perhaps I had held it back each time I went through The Wake, but the only other time was while reading Hikaru no Go Vol15, when Sai was gone.

Oh well, it's silly I know, feel free to laugh. But it surprised me how much sadness came over me at the ending, I don't think it was supposed to be like that. Not really.

Anyway, it's a good book, and deserves an entry just for it alone. :3

tell me how not to be angry.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

when i care so much.

when i was hurt along the way, just as much as you.

when i was the only one who ever stood out for you, every time; when none of the people you'd devoted your life to, dared to or bothered.

when it's like watching a kid grow up and play the piano. who's playing the wrong note on the same key over and over, and over.

for a year, for five years, for ten years.

tell me how to ease this anger, knowing that you're in this everlasting circle of getting hurt, when it's stoppable?

it is your kindness, graciousness, to them. but have you considered, ever, just even for the tiniest bit, just how much it hurts me?

do you know, that till this day, i still have nightmares of him hunting us down, trying to kill us; of me watching my flesh being torn from my arm and being unable to turn away?

have you considered my pain, for all the greater good you do? or is it because i am kin, that my pain matters lesser than helping the ones who are not, no matter how they hurt us in return?

Flowers of Last Spring

Monday, January 12, 2009

Photo: Zhang Jingna
Model: Ai Mori

Kyoto, March 08.

It feels good to finally have the time to start on this amazingly long list of backlog.

The Haunting.

Pilot Magazine Issue 01
Summer 2009

Photographer: Zhang Jingna
Assisted by: Tan Yin Qi
Fashion: Furqan Saini
Assisted by Desmond Khoo
Makeup: Larry Yeo using Mac
Hair: Yvonne Lee
Model: Maranda H @ Mannequin

Paris Dec Part II

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a couple photos from the trip that I'd been meaning to post~

I just can't get over how much I love this place. It's just so so grand and beautiful.

Saw this in the home section while at Dior picking up clothes. The small bowls were very tempting, if only they weren't something like 130 euros each.

Opéra de Paris

Lafayette Home

And outside our hotel.

And shopping.

White top from Proenza Schouler, black one's from Ann Demeulemeester.
Sarah Moon's 1 2 3 4 5 is heavy, a bit expensive, but it's worth it.

That's all for Paris, pretty fun this time if not for the luggage incident...~

The end of 08

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I started missing Singapore quite a bit towards the end of my trip, then I realized that aside from my room, I do actually enjoy this city.

Found out that the Ing Cup Finals will be held in Singapore in March. Plain awesome.

Been meaning do a proper 2008 recap + new year resolutions for 2009 but lately I seem terrible at gathering my thoughts together. Here's a feeble attempt at trying to pen them down.

The big big events of 2008:
- Attending all 3 nights of X Japan's concerts in Tokyo Dome
- Quitting the national team (which I thought I'd never done before turning 25)
- Breaking up on my birthday
- Major shoots: Mercedes Benz (campaign), Harper's Bazaar (beauty), Luxury (cover), epic sakura (shirotsuki), Selia (Ophelia), Alice in Wonderland (last Epic of the year, photos in progress)
- My first solo exhibition (at The Arts House, and a 2nd mini one at Klee Bar)
- Releasing my first photobook, Something Beautiful
- Visiting Yoshitaka Amano's home, having guided tours and meetings in Square Enix, Mad House and Gonzo
- Operating/translating for Quentin, resulting in:
- Being backstage at a Christian Dior Couture show, and returning to Paris a 2nd time + getting shown around the Dior showroom and meeting Dior Homme's designer
- Being at the Ing Cup Semi-Finals
- Spending SGD2100 on a Proenza Schouler blouse, making it the most expensive piece of garment I'd ever paid for to date (and no, 99% of the time, I never spend on anything other than books and photoshoots)
- Winning the Overaseas Fashion & Press Photographer of the Year 2008 at the British Professional Photography Awards
- Learning how to play Texas Hold'em
- Being part of CGHub

Resolutions for 09:
- Read more
- Spend more time on personal work
- Shoot more for my own happiness
- Release/produce noah's artbook
- Move into China
- Finish retouching photos from 08
- Learn driving
- Sleep before 1, no after 4s
- Become physically fit
- Spend more time with family/call them when I'm away
- Start learning go again

The key things are a little vague for now, but I guess I will find myself in a bit.

Many 'thank you's to the ones who sent loving wishes, messages and Christmas cards. Know that I'll be trying my bestest in the new year.

Just started unpacking.

Feels strange to be back in my own space after so long it feels almost foreign.

So quiet, so alone.