The end of 08

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I started missing Singapore quite a bit towards the end of my trip, then I realized that aside from my room, I do actually enjoy this city.

Found out that the Ing Cup Finals will be held in Singapore in March. Plain awesome.

Been meaning do a proper 2008 recap + new year resolutions for 2009 but lately I seem terrible at gathering my thoughts together. Here's a feeble attempt at trying to pen them down.

The big big events of 2008:
- Attending all 3 nights of X Japan's concerts in Tokyo Dome
- Quitting the national team (which I thought I'd never done before turning 25)
- Breaking up on my birthday
- Major shoots: Mercedes Benz (campaign), Harper's Bazaar (beauty), Luxury (cover), epic sakura (shirotsuki), Selia (Ophelia), Alice in Wonderland (last Epic of the year, photos in progress)
- My first solo exhibition (at The Arts House, and a 2nd mini one at Klee Bar)
- Releasing my first photobook, Something Beautiful
- Visiting Yoshitaka Amano's home, having guided tours and meetings in Square Enix, Mad House and Gonzo
- Operating/translating for Quentin, resulting in:
- Being backstage at a Christian Dior Couture show, and returning to Paris a 2nd time + getting shown around the Dior showroom and meeting Dior Homme's designer
- Being at the Ing Cup Semi-Finals
- Spending SGD2100 on a Proenza Schouler blouse, making it the most expensive piece of garment I'd ever paid for to date (and no, 99% of the time, I never spend on anything other than books and photoshoots)
- Winning the Overaseas Fashion & Press Photographer of the Year 2008 at the British Professional Photography Awards
- Learning how to play Texas Hold'em
- Being part of CGHub

Resolutions for 09:
- Read more
- Spend more time on personal work
- Shoot more for my own happiness
- Release/produce noah's artbook
- Move into China
- Finish retouching photos from 08
- Learn driving
- Sleep before 1, no after 4s
- Become physically fit
- Spend more time with family/call them when I'm away
- Start learning go again

The key things are a little vague for now, but I guess I will find myself in a bit.

Many 'thank you's to the ones who sent loving wishes, messages and Christmas cards. Know that I'll be trying my bestest in the new year.

Just started unpacking.

Feels strange to be back in my own space after so long it feels almost foreign.

So quiet, so alone.


Rachel said...

Happy new year!

joverine said...

here's hoping o9 outdoes o8-seems everyone o8 was a little weird or upsetting X)
(me included)
I like this idea of posting your o8 recap and the o9 resolutions
mind if I do the same?
happy new year!
seeya on cghub :P

flyingplanes said...

congratulations on your accomplishments in 08, and i wish you the best in 09!

don't give up!

riverstyx said...

a very busy year for you! wishing you all the very best for '09 :D

dante direnç said...

I think I'll kop your resolution of sleeping before 1. My mother's been bothering me about it quite a bit.

toosan said...

U MUST SHOW ME YOUR PROENZA DRESS!! HELLO SGD2100!!!!!! Rich biatch hahaha happy 09!

Li Ann said...

but u did spend on that kimono for the shoot with yun... right? which WAS your most expensive garment... and now.. another one!!!

it goes in a cycle. i just bought a pretty pricey bag today. ouch.

no bags for the next 6 months. i hope i can make it through.

lets go work out! i need to get fit!!

xJAYMANx said...

Ahh, the Vampire Hunter D illustrator's home. I might mention this in my blog...

I hope u find what you're looking for.

金田一 said...

its been a great year.

Natalia said...

wow! you accomplished so much in 2008.. hope you have all your dreams in 2009 come true =) Happy New Year

Wolf Schröder said...

Hope the year goes well for you.

Limetastic said...

I wanna see your blouse!! :P

Your year was so busy, I hope you can spend more time for yourself this year as well. <3 I didn't get to wish you a happy new years proper so Happy New Years!!! :D

educated fool™ said...

amazing stuff :)

happy new year! i hope you dont mind but i put you under 'blogs i read' on my blog :)