Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'd been a good girl and kept myself busy with DI.

Managed to progress to October 08's photos (skipped some from Apr and Sept because they're too tedious, I'd come back to them later), I hope I can be done with Dec's images by the end of this month, it makes me feel like I'm in debt or something. Blah.

I'd also been very busy resisting the urge to purchase a Williams.

Because, during Tim and Ling's wedding --

Oh yes, Chijmes was beautiful

and Ling was beautiful~

-- I sat next to Dawn, who just wouldn't stop showing me photos of Williams. And as I'd been telling myself, for the last 4 years, regarding SDs -- I. Must. Resist.

Moving on, at my table:

Kaori and friend

Joie-hime, who sang Over the Rainbow and Fly me to the Moon, you are teh awesome, darling.

And at some point of time there began The Adventures of Panda the Hat.

Dawn - who thought she looked good in it.

Isabel - the Moe! Panda.

Shaoyang - the Dawn-just-admit-it-looks-better-on-everyone-else Panda.

And me, the supposed Angst! Panda in Black Peace Now, but I prefer Serious-Business! Panda, and demonstrated The Way to Camwhore with a DSLR™, with Panda the Hat.

That's all for now. And um, yes, I chopped my bangs. XDDD


riverstyx said...

haha! love the panda hat! esp in the black and white photos at the end. the wedding looked fun :)

u look different with shorter hair :P

Puteri. said...

Wow, the wedding looked fun!

..Go buy a Williams! X3



Sophie Celia Xu said...

love the panda hat as well. so cutee.

Nik said...

Photos " let tell " are closer to the art-stylistics.

Nik Nikopol

Sayaii said...

heey! You're still using your Canon 350D!

dante direnç said...

Actually my brother has that exact hat. I have the muffler ^^.

April said...

your new hair cut looks so good on you !!!!