tell me how not to be angry.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

when i care so much.

when i was hurt along the way, just as much as you.

when i was the only one who ever stood out for you, every time; when none of the people you'd devoted your life to, dared to or bothered.

when it's like watching a kid grow up and play the piano. who's playing the wrong note on the same key over and over, and over.

for a year, for five years, for ten years.

tell me how to ease this anger, knowing that you're in this everlasting circle of getting hurt, when it's stoppable?

it is your kindness, graciousness, to them. but have you considered, ever, just even for the tiniest bit, just how much it hurts me?

do you know, that till this day, i still have nightmares of him hunting us down, trying to kill us; of me watching my flesh being torn from my arm and being unable to turn away?

have you considered my pain, for all the greater good you do? or is it because i am kin, that my pain matters lesser than helping the ones who are not, no matter how they hurt us in return?


Terrence said...

if you have seen my blog, i used to release my anger by writing, it's just like sharing, putting some of your anger on another place. i doesnt necessarily makes you feel happy but it cuts down your anger.

i will be visiting singapore for an internship this march, will you be around then?

Nik said...

When the person sincere in what - it is beautiful... Not always the reason of anger is justified...but sometimes it really has the reasons...and it is bad when it will wound someone...Probably sincerity a key to without disputed dialogue...Such dialogue - it a special skill...Photo - a part of dialogue of the photographer with world around... By means of this world...In the world of a photo there are two types of people - people with the camera and photographers...
For the last - a photo it something greater, than is simple the image...It is the whole world inside of a photo...And this world more "alive" than a surrounding reality...Somewhere on transition between these worlds you now are...And transition depends on your choice in the world of a photo...

Nik Nikopol

joverine said...

ya fuck...
o8 was the year of ragin' anger
disappointment and severe heart break.

if you figure it out let me know

Rob Augustinus said...

Feelings are nature acting out externally. Nurture them before they act out, harmonize your feelings to all things unemotionally, go through them without possessiveness, get involved without being swept away.

People's feelings are easily aroused and hard to control, but anger is the worst. If you can immediately forget your anger when angered and observe what is right and wrong in principle, you can see how external seductions are not worthy of aversion, and be halfway along the way.

"Forget anger and you will be impartial; see what is true and you will follow it"

All the best, hope you feel better soon!





Zhang Jingna said...








比如柬埔寨的Sihanouk Ville:)很棒的地方

emplification said...

’。。。世界和周围的事物关心的太少 。。’




marco said...

Sometimes to 'forgive and forget' is what it takes to relieve all your anger...

and We all know that sometimes a problem cannot be forgiven that easily...especially when We feel hurt so much....

and because we know what it feels like, we don't want to hurt others...

We knows that it's a hard way of live...
but we grown up and could become a great person because of what we learn about life in our own ways..
whether it's a good or bad experience we had encounter..

sometimes a problem could makes us grew stronger, that's because we had feel the hurt and pain....
and we had life through it!

I know that you're Strong!!!

Keep it up!! and always Smile :)
I hope U get better soon :)

marco said...

I Just got this words from Gundam 00 :
"The only thing you can change about the past is the way you feel about it in the present"

Try to smile once more :)
I know you can do it.