Dear Art Thieves, Please Read

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I was angsting and hurting and I'd wanted to say so so many things, but Wen came along and with his saint-like patience and words he made it all better in no time, just like always.

This is a repost with permission of something he'd written a while ago.

I don't know how he does it, but he has a way of stringing simple facts and words together, so brilliantly, that makes the world seem so much more forgiving and bearable. He's just amazing like that.


I'm not writing this out of anger or hatred on what you did, so please read (and all those who are interested, please read too. XD)

You don't realize this, but when you steal, you eventually benefit me.

Suppose you get away with it for a month, or a year, and you get plenty of attention on the internet, but guess what? the more attention you get, the sooner someone will report you to me, and report you to the site manager. at which point your account will be suspended, and all the attention you got, will come to me. (pretty bad, right?)

On a bigger note, Is life so long that you would waste such time getting a FAKE reputation? Personally I would spend that time playing a game, or read a book, or something more beneficial to MYSELF. A reputation is pointless if you don't have the skills to back it up, what do you do when someone come asking for a commission? What would you do when a game company come to ask you to join them? What will you say when someone comes asking you to do an interview about your art?

I am an attention whore myself, in the past I did a few silly things to get attention as well, I would shamelessly draw something and give it to someone, even if they never expressed that they would want it, just in hope of getting attention.

But I never thought I want to spend time getting "fake" attention.

Realize that life isn't that long after all, every minute you spent, will never come back to you. We don't know what will happen an hour from now, this may be the last hour of your life, do you really want to spend it in a lie?

It's not easy to live in this time and age, and life isn't an easy or fair thing, we see people getting ridiculous amounts of attention and we may be jealous, but you know what? That's THEIR life. Not yours. Try not to lie to yourself, what is the point of that?

Live YOUR life, get YOUR attention. Maybe you will only get 10 pageviews a day, but that is YOURS. every one of your pageview is worth more than 10 billion pageviews that aren't YOURS.

Be brave, live your life now. Because only YOU can live YOURS. Remember that.

May you get the attention you deserve soon, and may you get what you desire in life.


pebble said...

wow~!! Bravo~!! aptly put

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed by this post.

anyway,I'm just one of your blog readers and I very like your works.


Pollard said...

A great reminder to those who steal but also to those who create and deal in ideas. It's a life choice and the values you choose to live by. I like the thought that what someone appears to be taking from you will only benefit you in the end. Can anyone truly steal from you long term? But it is frustrating on the short-term. The more they try to take the more they cannot. You can't steal a body of work that creatively grows and expands.

Henrik said...

Very well written and very true in the internet world of today.

/Henrik from Sweden

Feheart said...

May be you should look at the picture in the link above....
I am not sure whether it is that his intension to be copycat or just coincident.....I just think it is better to let you know.....

Anonymous said...

I agree with that...

P E A C H said...

very very very well said! =)

Louis Porter Jr. said...

You said it perfectly.

JewelKelvin said...

Was facing the same problem as you a few weeks back, but after I read this my point of view of my whole situation changed entirely.

It's quite true what you say, it is actually benefiting in way but I didn't see it for it was hidden in anger and rage. Effort put into getting an inspiration for a standing ovation shoot is much work indeed and having someone steal it right under our noses is just sad. But when things do happen again, I shall recall this post once again to ease the rising flames.

Thank you.


Bardo said...

This makes so much sense. I agree completely. Thanks for sharing this Jingna :)

Clayton said...

well said. this actually clears my mind about a lot of things =]

Anonymous said...

Well said! I hope some people will get it.
Remember that everything we do says something about what kind of person we are. So when we steal something ....
Or just think a little longer before you do something!

Sorry but after reading what you have posted, I just couldn't help myself. (^^)

P.S. Sorry for my grammar. (~.~)


tRiSh said...

this is just the perfect words for a simple mistake people often do...
thank you very much for sharing <3

Anonymous said...

Dear Zemotion,

You got that damn right, life is very short, it should not be wasted!

And while your art is truely yours and you managed to gain a lot of real attention from it, I'd wonder if I were you, if it's now not also time to help people who are really in need - for real help.

Like the victims of the big flood in Pacistan. You'd really have the power now that you have grown so big through art to do something far beyond your art. Help people by not just entertaining or pleasing them with the beautifl pictures from your soul.

See... Your Facebook Fangroup has over 20,000 members for instance.

Imagine every one of them would just spend 1 dollar to Pacistan. It would make this all so much more... ask yourself, what would it add to YOUR short life that this nicely written article here does not?

Alyssa said...

Very good words!
That's totally how it is! :)
Thank you~

Saw Kang Jong said...

Well said :)

Anonymous said...

Societies getting more and more fake – clothes, personalities, and pictures. I don’t like to be too cynical but I feel as if it can only get worse, not better. Why would it change when the attitudes of people are becoming more materialistic and greedy?

But anyway, (though you obviously recognise this) it’s testament to the amazing work you produce that people want to steal it. You’re a tremendously talented artist. Props to you!

Richard O'Brien

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely delighted to discove this. Good job!