Exhibition: Advertising Photography in Japan 2008

Monday, February 9, 2009

Attended the opening earlier this evening~ Just a short photo entry here, more details at the end of this post. ^^

Vice president of the Japan Advertising Photographers' Association introducing the images. This set is about a new washing machine from Sanyo that doesn't use water... This is the winning ad for the competition last year.

Shinkansen's came runner up~

Yamaha, I like this one~

Celebrating 70 years of Suntory whiskey. All these guys are pretty famous and 70, first on the left is the cameraman~ I wanna be in the ads I shoot next time tooo~

Omron. I thought this one was quite cool. It doesnt' feel very typically Japanese though~

14-sai no Haha (14 year-old mother). One of my favourites.

There is the annual as well, almost 300 pages. Says Basheer here, but I reckon Kino will stock it:

Thanks to Cwithe for pointing out, more images from the book can be found here.

From Japan Creative Centre's website:

The world and media are changing at a bewildering pace. Society is evolving faster than it ever has before. But where is our society heading? With further globalisation of our society and orientation towards the visual arts, advertising images are expected to play a role of growing importance.

“Advertising Photography in Japan 2008” will showcase the top 100 advertising photography award winners in Japan in 2008. We hope you will enjoy Japan’s latest trends of advertising photography as well as catch glimpse of contemporary lifestyle in Japan.

On 10 Feb, a lecture by Hideo Suzuki and Mr. Yukisuke Fushimi, Vice-presidents of the Japan Advertising Photographers' Association will be held at the Nanynag Academy of Fine Arts. We welcome you to attend the lecture.

Exhibition Period: 10 Feb to 17 Mar, 2009
Venue: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery 1&2 (80 Bencoolen Singapore 189655)

Lecture Date & Time: 10 Feb, 2009 / 1.30pm - 3pm
Title: Advertising Photography in Japan
Venue: Seminar Room Wing B #02-08, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Lecturers: Mr. Hideo Suzuki and Mr. Yukisuke Fushimi
(Vice-president of the Japan Advertising Photographers' Association)

Organizers: Japan Advertising Photographers' Association, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, The Japan Foundation, Embassy of Japan in Singapore


Wailly said...

"14 year-old mother" - There was a whole photo series of the casts from this TV drama. Love this series of photos.

riverstyx said...

the piano one is really beautiful! and the ones with that bottle thing are interesting.. can't tell what it is really, but looks nice!

Cwithe said...

Any idea where to get a hold of the catalog, other than at exhibition ?
Would love to have that !

Cwithe said...

got it !

Zhang Jingna said...

Cool, thanks! Updated the post with the link :D

xJAYMANx said...

Wow, such mind-stunning snapshots of imagination! ^_^

Yanda said...

basheer has it. they can do orders if they don't have it anymore. 120-140 SGD i think.

flyingplanes said...

jeebus these all look fantastic! i'm glad you go to see this, and i'm envious at the same time!

Sayaii said...

Hee~ when someone says "Japanese Photography", I often think of those NTT Phone cards with pretty landscape photos. I used to collect those

namimosa said...

i like the yamaha photo! its really good!

pebble said...

wow~!! thanks for sharing.. wonder how to wash clothes w/o water though

Marta Cabral said...

wow this is awesome! it interests me a lot, as a marketing and advertising student :) My ambition is to work on images like that, after I graduate from college.

Anonymous said...

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