Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sometimes I wish the pre-trip-packing-anxieties will go away.


The talk at Supperclub was good today. I was one of the guest speakers but it wasn't a long session so I apologize for not mentioning this before~ many thanks for all those who turned up and said hi. It was awesome meeting you.

After the event was over I was introduced to someone who flew in just to see me. I don't know what I'd done to deserve this but I know feel terribly loved. Thank you T_T

Back to packing now~

PS: Oh, um, I'd been meaning to do an entry on this, but I just keep forgetting. I won 3rd place in Advertising/Fashion at WPPI 2009. I heard many of you were at the event in Las Vegas, thanks for all those who informed me!!! Will update a photo of the plaque when I'm back~

Macbook Pro 17"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Looks good so far. I'm just in need of a Firewire 800 cable to replace the FW400 for my cardreader, since there isn't a port for FW400 anymore.

And since I'm here, might as well update the rest of the recent pocket-damaging shopping.

Ann Demeulemeester sweater.

Junya Watanabe coat.

Also bought Tim Walker's Pictures, thing was so damn heavy to lug around it isn't even funny. But I managed home in one piece. Yay.

And just to spoil the post with some bright happy photos --

Jingna stares at Peixuan lovingly...~
...while having high tea at Cova (in Paragon, Orchard :3). Peixuan and I wanted to have a tiny private celebration of sort with Dan for his 21st birthday, as belated as it was.

Peixuan couldn't stop gushing about the decor. We liked the tea, the foie gras was a common favourite but the best was still recounting the old times and sharing gossips from the shooting range again. :3

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I swear I was going to sleep early. But unexpected events roll themselves out at... unexpected times.

So I got sentimental and started surfing around for old PVs, and eventually trailers of movies I'd watched before.

Came across a subbed version of Soundtrack (starring Sugizo) and thought about rewatching it even though I'd lost count of the number of times I had seen it. The DVD was sub-less too, so the idea of knowing the story a little better is very tempting.

Nothing beats Sugizo playing the violin in awesomely romantic setting. *sighs in bliss*

Okay, sleep. Bed. Now.

Ing Cup Finals - Part III

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is a bit belated, but I still thought I ought to put it up...

Choi Cheol Han vs Lee Changho 2-1 after Game 3.

The last 2 games will be held in Taiwan towards the mid-year.

The 3rd game progressed rather quickly, most people speculated that the players were tired~

Choi Cheol Han thinking

Lee Changho during post-game review.

...with super many Korean reporters.

After reviewing and interviews they went out to the main room and met up with fans. The place was so overcrowded the glass panels were condensing and the room felt like a freaking sauna. And I'm like, so not exaggerating.

Anyway, something super hilarious happened.

Even Lee Changho the "Stone Buddha" who never showed emotions laughed~

What happened was, the team leader of Korean team offered the fans to ask questions, "...anything really. Maybe not go-related? You could ask if Choi Cheol Han has a girlfriend, things like that. Haha."

So someone asked if Choi Cheol Han had any plans for marriage. He said, "I'll wait for Lee Changho to marry first, before considering for myself." (since he's junior to LCH by age)

Lee Changho smiled and answered, "I haven't considered marriage yet."

And unable to contain his happiness, LCH attempted holding in a shy laugh while continuing, "but I am currently in love."

The room roared with laughter.

The team leader had translated all that and added to double check if we all already knew that. =_= Like, duh, it was frontpage on every weiqi news website for days.

Okay, go laugh at my horrible storytelling.

Moving on.

Choi Cheol Han signing a goban, and Lee Changho a fan.

Goban signed by Lee Changho and Choi Cheol Han.

Lee Changho eventually left for the hotel first. Choi Cheol Han stayed behind to sign more stuff and take photos with eager fans.

Some people nudged me to take one with him too, but I didn't want, insisting I'd already had one from Bangkok, despite the fact that it's blur like hell. But after gazillion people were done, Choi Cheol Han still stood at the same spot, so I figured 闲着也是闲着, and took a pic with him at some point.

And I wonder why oh why is every single pic of me with a go player out of focus.

Oh well. That concludes whatever I think I can post from the competition. It's been fun. And in case you're wondering where you can play go online, KGS is a good and popular one.

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Back to work

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Been curling up in bed for days way too many.

Enough is enough. Can't angst forever.

Despite doing practically nothing the past week, it had been a lot of shallow sleep and nightmares which had me more worn out than rested. I was so tired today I actually contemplated sleeping on the floor after my shoot. It was some awesome willpower that dragged me off the floor to pack up the studio (which is a damn freaking huge place for packing up when I'm all alone, gah).

Anyway, under Arissa's prodding I started listening to Jrock again (online via JSHOXX). I'm so outdated it's not even funny. There're like gazillion bands out there now that I'd totally not heard of before. =_=

Oh well, it is nice to hear some old tracks once in a while, and definitely pleasant to find out that Ruki's voice has improved drastically from the days when I used to buy Gazette's albums (circa 2004? wow, been quite a while). Aside from that I'm kinda digging Acid Black Cherry and Abingdon Boys School right now~

Revamped my homepage last night, works in Safari now, also updated with some works that ought to be there but weren't.

Dominance War's main competition is gonna start very soon. Oh man I'm so excited~!!

PS: Some of you may have noticed that I'm on Twitter now (because njoo wouldn't stop annoying me to). Recent updates can be found on the right hand side column of my blog, but you can also follow me on Twitter itself. :3

Monday, March 9, 2009

Once, I had seen
a small piece of the fallen sun
before me.
In my hesitation in reaching out,
it was breaking away, ere I could.


Time was a predestined torture
that passed by excruciatingly, slowly;
a tapestry woven by storms
and nightmares
and the miseries of every waking moments.


I watch the falling rain,
poetic and beautiful,
and willed it to wash away
the hurt of memories, of past.

Random stuff I wrote as it poured on throughout the day, while I contemplated about this... end.

Rewatched Weiss Kreuz for the nth time, and realized once more just how well It's Too Late fits the weather.

I also learnt just how little I remember of the past years. Ironic, really, I was so surprised...

Friday, March 6, 2009

It shouldn't hurt so much. But it does.

Ing Cup Finals - Part II

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So far the score's 1-1. 3 to win.

Lee Changho 9P won the first game, Choi Cheol Han 9P won the 2nd.

Just a couple photos.

Choi Cheol Han after winning the game today.

Score counting by Ing rules. Fill the board with all stones...

Go Seigen dropped by Singapore Weiqi Association on both days to comment on the games.

Spectators and reporters.

Go sensei.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

We're staying at The Fullerton Hotel.
I really love my job sometimes.

Beds are a bit small after they'd been split up, but awesome bathroom is awesome bathroom.

Shameless self portrait moment with the mirror which I have in almost every hotel I stay in. Hehe.

My roommate sleeps early. So for the first night I forced myself as well, and woke up at 1am having a hard time falling back asleep because it's just so different from my usual schedules.

8am a reporter called for Go Seigen's caretaker. (I was roomed next to him, but had swapped with the caretaker and daughter because their rooms were way too far apart) *sighs* There went my jingna-attempts-to-sleep-in and jingna-takes-the-elevator-with-go-seigen-everyday plan.

Oh then I had breakfast a table next to him this morning. Hahaha.

Headed for Singapore Flyer after lunch. We had surprisingly nice clouds today (which never, ever, appear, when I am doing my photoshoots. Why, oh tell me why.)

Marina Barrage from the Singapore Flyer.

Fast-forwarding my afternoon (where I had a shoot with everyone being about 1.5hours late), welcoming dinner was held at Lao Beijing. Go Seigen (I found out most generally address him as 吴老师, Joe and I were wondering a million possibilities...) actually insisted on taking the chartered bus with us instead of being chauffeured to the restaurant. Such a grand honour was something we never expected. He is 95 afterall. And frail like nothing else.

Go Seigen and wife. 吴清源和夫人。

Just seeing them was surreal. And she's really lovely and... cute. Back in the hotel after dinner while waiting for others in the lobby she started talking to me, despite my several attempts of "I cannot understand Japanese", “我不会说日语”, "Nihongo wo wakarimasen..." She continued on fervently. Hahaha.

Back to the dinner. While I was busying myself with taking photos of others someone suggested to take a shot for us. I was like. Oh. I didn't think about that. Lol?

Jingna with the go master and his wife. (Yeah, please pardon my really horrible hair, after a day of running around and all)

I was approached a couple times by teens in a youth weiqi connection group saying they'd seen my coverage on the Ing Cup Semi-finals, which somehow became a motivation for me to do this post tonight.

At the end of the dinner Go-sensei 题字ed for Singapore (the Weiqi Association, rather).

It's so painfully difficult for him to get up I can't believe they put him through this. Oh god, and I think more camera flashes went off than at the finale of Christian Dior Couture runway's finale walk backstage.

Go Seigen and wife, with Choi Chul Han (崔哲澣) 9P (apparently this is the spelling I saw on the roomlist provided by the hotel, but on the official pamphlets it's all Choi Cheol Han?) and Lee Changho (李昌鎬) 9P, the finalists.

Did I mention I don't agree with Choi Chul Han's new hairstyle? D:

A closeup of 吴清源老师's题字:“河山一局棋”

Alright, that's all for this update (oh Wireless@SG, thank you so).

Tomorrow the first game begins.

PS: Please pardon any grammar and vocab misuse, I'm severely lacking in rest and time. >_< More on Ing Cup:
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