Sunday, March 15, 2009

I swear I was going to sleep early. But unexpected events roll themselves out at... unexpected times.

So I got sentimental and started surfing around for old PVs, and eventually trailers of movies I'd watched before.

Came across a subbed version of Soundtrack (starring Sugizo) and thought about rewatching it even though I'd lost count of the number of times I had seen it. The DVD was sub-less too, so the idea of knowing the story a little better is very tempting.

Nothing beats Sugizo playing the violin in awesomely romantic setting. *sighs in bliss*

Okay, sleep. Bed. Now.


stefan said...

Wow, that song is reeeaaally old. I remember hearing it a few years ago when some of my friends were on a Gackt craze. Still a good song, though.

cait o said...

Last Song is still one of my Gackt faaaaaaves~ I still get teary whenever I listen to the acoustic version.

o/ Am a lurker in your blog, but I'd thought I'd say hullo and tell you that I think your work is mindblowingly beautiful. :3 ...And that I adore the fact that you like Weiss Kruez and GWing~

b said...

last song rocks ! :D

Xia said...

L-last Song?! Hey wow.

My, somehow the fact that you linked those two vids make me happier...

I... still love Gackt's voice from back then so much...
And violin's always amazing -

Ginkojyuin said...

omg... can i ask where did u find your subbed version of soundtrack? i'm still on the lookout for it. @@

Antastesia. said...

Oh my god. I'm so surprised to see Gackt's PV.
This is ... one of my favorite song, one of my favorite music video and my favorite artist.
This is just so beautiful, and beauty is what helps me the most in life. So I was reading all your entries, very concentrated and suddenly fell upon this video. It's so moving. By the way, I wanted to congrat you for your amazing work, your amazing talend even if everyone tells it to you, I cannot live without telling it to you. People who create beauty are so important to me, so you're important to me.
I wish you the best, and if you ever come back to Paris, and if you ever need a model I would be more than glad to try to be this model. This would be a dream coming true.