Monday, March 9, 2009

Once, I had seen
a small piece of the fallen sun
before me.
In my hesitation in reaching out,
it was breaking away, ere I could.


Time was a predestined torture
that passed by excruciatingly, slowly;
a tapestry woven by storms
and nightmares
and the miseries of every waking moments.


I watch the falling rain,
poetic and beautiful,
and willed it to wash away
the hurt of memories, of past.

Random stuff I wrote as it poured on throughout the day, while I contemplated about this... end.

Rewatched Weiss Kreuz for the nth time, and realized once more just how well It's Too Late fits the weather.

I also learnt just how little I remember of the past years. Ironic, really, I was so surprised...


Anonymous said...

lol thats pretty deep.
i liked the third one cause its true! 8D
lol not remembering is stuff is ok. i forgot what my middle school/elementary school was like. and im in high school. >_>

namimosa said...

you are very poetic!!!

Anti-alcohol activist at SWA said...

hi, nice post !!!! great. cute cute changho :) u know i'm flying to harajuku on the same day as u this month (going back to singapore date also same><) ? ask ur travel partner about it :p pls join weiqi gathering with my friends in tokyo if can

Godi Gutierrez said...

Beautiful poetry Jingna... it reminded me of an old Haiku about rain I wrote some years ago.

Rain, oh let it fall
on my face, oh wet it all
ah, rain, wash my soul.

You're one great photographer...


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