Japan Part I: Day 1-4 Tokyo

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Total bliss. T__T

Yeah okay, I haven't died~ It's just that I haven't been having the most accessible internet possible.

It's been a great trip so far, and I feel... happy.

Just a super quiiickkkk recap. I'll definitely be doing individual entries for those that need expansion. XD

Day 1 started somewhere around 5pm after we'd unpacked in Tokyo. Had super awesome yakitori and super mega awesome sushi for dinner. 2 different places with 2 different groups of people. I felt very very welcomed and loved.

Day 2 went to Asakusa in the morning, it was drizzling.

Met up with Ken from GPKISM, had sushi and started reminiscing about how we first started speaking when we were both in Melbourne in 2005.

Then I raided Closet Child (and bought too much of Alice Auaa) ;_;

And also got myself a Vivienne Westwood lighter, just because it's so damn pretty.

Too bad I don't have a reason to carry it around...

Spotted EGL twins in the evening~

Day 3: Photohoot #1 + Wacom Intuos4 Launch Party

No preview photos from the shoot yet, Chiaki was the model again. She worked with Sugizo as a photographer. *intensely jealous*

Oh well. ;_;

Attended the Wacom Intuos4 launch party at night. It was pretty awesome~

I want this tablet, like right now~! Hahaha. Control panel on the board's all on one side now. And no, fret not if you're left handed, just flip the board around and you will have it the right way for you. Yay.

There were a dozen or so stations around the club for people to test out the new tablet.

During the party there was a live performance by a VJ. She painted according to the beats of the music, and on people if they went in front of the projectors, pretty cool~

And throughout the evening there were Wacom Artist features and interviews played on displays around the premises, consisting of a whole range of people from illustrators to designers to retouchers to concept artists. Discovered some really spectecular stuff there.

Can't wait to get mine (a 9x12!)~

Day 4: Photoshoot #2

And this is, the most beautiful man I'd ever photographed.

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Samantha Nandez said...

Looks like a really great trip! I love seeing your travels and your photos. One day I'll hopefully be able to do all that as well!

That graphics pad looks awesome too! wow

yuuiki said...

Your trip seems so cool XD Love the clothes <3
and the man is gorgeous O_O Lucky XD

Erdim Bakırcı said...

I wanna go to JAPAN too,
I really admire you lady..

Karl Filip K said...

I'm new to follow you blogg.
but i love you work on deviant.
like they were taken from a movie.
Nice to read about master photographer normal life ;)

0carina said...

Totally thought is a girl! WOW

kifa said...

I totally want to get a intuous too! I'm working for one of the distributors as a promoter so I'm very excited at the news of the new intuous4! >:D

I've never commented until now, but I love your work! They feel kind of surreal, but they are the sort of shots which inspires people. ((:

Have a nice day! >:D

Chenxi said...

I...I refuse to believe that's a man. 0_0!?!? oh beauty T~T

I paused the longest on your first photograph though. -longing sigh...-

RKD said...

Ah he's cute!


Anonymous said...

Who is that beautiful man?

riverstyx said...

Wow! looks very cool :D and the lighter is funky.

and wow, that guy is pretty good looking... what was that shoot for?

Raeoh said...

i'm glad you're having a good trip and he is a really gorgeous guy! haha! much love jingna!

Cinghius - Andrea said...

What an interesting start of experience, with Hanami at his best and all these people and places to be!!

I'll surely follow you blog! (especially if there's something about Neil Gaiman or Japan!)

david santos said...

Really beautiful picturs! Very cool! Happy day!

amber said...

that man is gorgeous. and so are your clothes!

cait o said...

Uwah, one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen~ (excluding Jrock/V-kei stars |D ).

I adore how evocative your images are, even your 'clothes on the bed' snapshots are really lovely~

Freja a.k.a Tiko said...

Oh gosh so Beautiful.

Great Work, Good Luck ^^

Devi da Lil' DeviL Photography said...

wow...inspiring!i wish i was there...such a lovely place! JAPAN!

Dracolicious13 said...

wow he is amazingly beautiful!!I just wish there were more photos of him!!!

LoonTon said...

I agree he is beautiful.. actually too beautiful. The way you capture it, it looks more enchanting.

KCBW said...

the EGL twins photo was my favorite. I love little surprises like that when I travel. =]

Natsumi said...

I love this man, I thought it was a girl, I love japanese people they have a great genetic!! *_*

Moira said...

Jingna, I love your art.. I follow you in dA. It's first time I visite this blog and is amazing to see this little part of your life, because we, the viewers just know the part of you in your photos.. I'm very glad because I found this link.
And Yuta is.. is absolutelly georgeus! I'm in love! XD!

Anonymous said...

OMG! IT'S GPK! :O How unexpectedly pleasant! Heheheh he looks lovely even WITHOUT all of his make-up...I went to a show of his recently when he toured with Blood & DJ Sisen :D:D It's pretty random cool that you guys are close acquaintances XD Oh and Yuta...his presence leaves me breathless...I love your photos and stories of your little adventures lol and you're absolutely gorgeous! I wish I was as awesome as a photographer and VK fan as you :( lol I hope all your upcoming adventures are just as fun! Take care!

Jimmy Taemin said...

Can you post more phot of him?
He's so cute!