Japan Part III: Day 8-12 Kyoto-Hakone-Tokyo

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 8: Temples

Koryuji Temple.

It's famous for a large wooden statue of the "Miroku-Bosatsu" which was designated as the first national treasure in Japan. It's also the oldest temple in Yamashiro, Kyoto. Couldn't take photos inside the hall, but, I loved the place for the gardens. So so so so beautiful. ;_;

I wish I brought my camera. D:

Ninna-ji. The temple boasts a collection of more than 600 treasures, which can be seen at Reiho-kan twice every year, April-May and October-November. (So yeah, I didn't see any, except for the temple's unique low-branched sakura trees called Omuro Cheery T_T) It's also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site~ (reading from pamphlet ha)

Well, I think the photos aren't quite enough but, yes, it's super beautiful~ T_T

And Abby demonstrates her awesome self portrait skillz (with her point and shoot, I can do it with a DSLR hey~).


Didn't take as many photos there... was a bit tired and too crowded. And well.. it was under renovation. ~_~

Headed back into the city after a while and went down to Teramachi Street.

Had awesome parfaits~

Day 9-10: Photoshoot #3

Well, Kami-sama decided he didn't love me as much that day. So with every element in the photoshoot possible working against me, model's flight, styling, makeup, hair... oh and the weather, having us nearly freezing to death, there weren't really any photographs. We did have lots of fun being silly though. Just a pity it was one of the photoshoots that I'd really been looking forward to...

On the way back.

Round 1 of more-parfaits-to-reward-ourselves-for-a-day-of-hardwork. XD

Headed back to Tokyo the next day, but before that, Chris and I stopped by an awesome dessert place in Gion.

Matcha+azuki crepe. Awesome is awesome. Suuupperrrrrrrr delicious can~ ;_;

Back in Tokyo, I found awesome green tea cream puff. It's seasonal~! I wanted to bring some back home but the freaking thing expires in a day. @!(*&$)@%

Day 11-12: Hakone

Walked around Hakone Yumeto station just a little bit to buy my Himitsu Bako (Japanese Puzzle Box). It's a specialized art in Hakone (and I'm currently having an obsession with it)

The himitsu bako unopened.

And opened. :D This is the 12-move puzzle box, I also bought a 21-move one later on at the airport.

The view nearing our ryokan.

View from our room. I absolutely loved the pine in front of us, hearing the streams was super serene.

Kaiseki dinner. :3

Met up with Chris back in Tokyo the next day to head for the airport.

Found this at the Lawson there. It's a seasonal item again~ I'd love the Morinaga milk puddings since day one, finding a matcha flavoured one was just pure bliss.

Well and with that... we'd come to the end of my trip. I... I... wanna go back to Kyoto again~!! ;_;

But umm. I am heading back to Tokyo again end of this month to early May for the X Japan concert... =X

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yuuiki said...

So cool you get to travel to Japan lol XD
I love the photos of the temples... I've never had parfait before T.T

Laura Ribeiro said...
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riverstyx said...

that's so cool! the temples look really beautiful! :D

no photos from the shoot...? :(

P-A said...

I didn't realize how much a photograph could reflect the feeling and mood of a place. Argg.. almost had little tears rolling (esp some of these Hakone Pics).
Got a little himitsu box too at home. Didn't know you liked them :)

The trouble will be to remember how to open it 2-3 years down the road.. believe me, experience ;)


namimosa said...

the photos of the temple are so great! wish to be able to visit it also one day! ;)

Samantha Nandez said...

Looks like an absolute blast. I think Japan is the next place I'd like to visit...I've always wanted to go.

Puzzle boxes are tons of fun too! Did you solve the 21 move yet?

dan said...

i've never been to japan but from your photos, it looks like its pretty cold there right now, i can't imagine having parfaits on a cold climate hehehe

LoonTon said...

Wow.. seem you visit a lot of plc this time... Didn't try Hokkaido?? I think Spring is beautiful there..

LoonTon said...

I really wish i could meet up with you one day in Japan.. Will you be going there next year too?

Lan Wu said...

I really love your photo shoots of Japan :)
Very beautiful, so breathtaking

Anonymous said...

Did you take the pictures using your camera? Or HP cam?

Shelby said...

Is it possible to get a larger size of the picture of the view from your room? the one with the jap doors and woods outside XD I reallllly want to use it as my wallpaper! It would make an amazing wallpaper!!! XD or any of the other pictures! haha they would all make amazing wallpapers! :3

Jollence Lee said...

Hi, Nice japan shots.
Makes me even more and more want to
travel to Japan.

"a girl with an overactive imagination" said...

How do you make your pictures so sharp and brilliant? What techniques do you use? I'd really appriciate it you answered this! Thanks so much!

Joanne Chan said...

Your photos are so beautiful!

Good job :)

Anonymous said...

I. want. those. parfaits.

You've got me craving sugar, now!!