Saturday, May 9, 2009

Of all the things that went on in Tokyo... What I remember most of is a sudden desire to buy my own place.

It's so completely random I know, haha.

I mean, it's nothing I haven't dreamt of before. But I guess it's suddenly strange now, because unlike the time when I was a child, it's become more realistic and achievable.

It's like, suddenly, the world is smaller; yet back then, a tiny room used to be gigantic and intimidating.

A series of events unfolded, managing to somehow squeeze and condense themselves all into a few days.

And so, for the first time, I found myself musing over the wonders of fate. (But no, unfortunately, it's not about a melodramatic chance meeting with a gorgeous guy, or my desired harem of bishies and Williams...)

Received an unexpected email on my birthday.

This time I didn't cry, for I now understand that the 'one day' we speak of is no longer impossible.

So stay the cheerful you that you have always been. When that one day comes, I hope I'll be able to hear you sing again.


riverstyx said...

:) having your own place would be cool (almost getting mine :P) where would u have it if u could choose?

also happy birthday an congrats n turning 21!! all the best for the year ahead :D

yuuiki said...

Being able to buy your own place at this age is really awesome XD

I still don't know the exact date of your birthday but, happy birthday :D

Karl Filip K said...

yeah happy birthday even if this not is the right day. =) have a good day anyway =)

RKD said...

Happy belated birthday!

nash_design said...

Happy birthday jingna!! don´t worry about your own place... you´re young and yo can with everything!!!

greetins from Spain!

入江 said...

Nice to meet you.
I came from mixi.
I like your photos.

~Stan~ said...

Woah, nice post. Sadly I'm still young and living with my parents. Haven't traveled much and all that, but pretty soon I'll be faced with important life choices I'm sure... I hope you can get your own place! That would be quite wonderful.

Woah, what just happened on that last bit? *Totally confused- Haha, maybe I've missed too much... Aw well. I...hope you keep on doing your best~?

weijie said...

i frequent your blog and i love your photography ! :D

Naria said...

Hello there,
I've been a great fan of your works since a long time now. It's a such a rare occasion when a Photographer keeps me interested as much as you do, i easily get bored, but your works... i'm in love with them.
I read your bloG from time to time, mainly i follow your dA, and the reason i'm writing this comment is your last 2 posts.
First of all, a very late HAppy Birthday, wish you health and happiness.
And second, just wanted to say... you are an artist as it gets. I found such an inspiration in the way you live your life, and i'm deeply thankful to the global net, for giving me the opportunity!
Every photo i see, so alive, so full of passion and beauty.
And you're just 21... is it as real as it gets!
Thank you for everything that you do, for all the beauty and art,
keep on, believe on, dream on.


Randy Bantog said...

Really cool photos on your blog!!

Stan said...

You make me want to take photographs again.