Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fashion story done for a while back.

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Furqan Saini
Hair: Yvonne Lee
Makeup: Joanna Koh
Model: Nathaline/Ave, Diana/Looque
Photography assistants: Octavia S, Tan Yong Kuan, Hoong Wei Long

Kinda in the mood for summer~ so just posting some brighter photos, just for a while. :D

I'm gonna blog about go for the rest of the entry, so feel free to skip. XD

Recent news about Lee Sedol's intended 1.5-year-long break had been spreading like wild fire (well, for the go-lovers, anyway).

I read up a bit on Sina here and here (both Chinese, sorry), so I'm just gonna sum it up a bit in English for those who want to know.

Story began with his refusal to join the Korean league.

Because 4 teams withdrew from the league this year. 3 joined only after much efforts from the Hanguk Kiwon (Korean Baduk Association), one of which was a team from Lee Sedol's hometown. His withdrawal probably meant the withdrawal of major sponsors from the competitions and directly affects other professionals whose main income may come from playing in the league's games.

Hanguk Kiwon then called for a major meeting to discuss his actions, voting was conducted for whether he should be penalized.

86 voted for yes, 37 opposed and 2 forfeited. Online voting conducted by a major Chinese weiqi news websites for the public came up with totally opposite results though.

Lee Sedol's reasons for withdrawal were due to personal timing issues as well as concerns for the rating system.

(Wow, I'd make a horrible news reporter, so heck, I give up my attempt to sound formal because I can't put in my personal opinion~~!)

For someone of Lee Sedol's level, currently Korean #1, he has to win 10 out of 12 games in order to maintain his scores (which is, btw, pretty freaking damn difficult considering the frequency of these games, not counting the ones he has to play for all other major tournaments.).

Heck, he's contracted to play for a Chinese team in the Chinese league and each game he wins in that is equivalent to 10 games he wins in the Korean league, go figure.

Anyway what I'm basically trying to say is that games played in the leagues are just not what the very top pros put their most attention to, ranking drop is definitely a major no-no, so I think his decision to withdraw is pretty valid as a competitor.

This issue about how he should be penalized (I can't be bothered to find the article on what Hanguk Kiwon actually said) eventually ended up pretty unpleasant (come on, voting by all the pros, that's like, public shaming), and I'm sure eventually upset him deeply, so he decided that he'll stop playing go for 1.5 years and will only return in January 2011.

I usually never find myself in much of a position to comment on anything at all, the same goes for this, but I must honestly say that I think this is what makes Lee Sedol Lee Sedol.

Perhaps I'm biased because he is one of the top players, perhaps I'm biased because I didn't leave the national team back in my days when similar situations arose, but I know for sure that I'm biased because of just how rebellious he is.

His character that is piercing and ruthless like his go, that has so much pride, so much fearlessness and bravado, all that he's not afraid of being, that sets him apart from all the other top players of our time, Lee Sedol is someone whose name will be long remembered in the history of go.

And um, wow, that was so so much longer than I intended. I actually just wanted to say that Lee Sedol's my hero. But oh well, hahaha.


Junshien said...

I have no idea what the heck you're talking about in your blog post, but the pictures are just ... O_o

zTao said...


Anonymous said...

Hihi ,

its truly summer !!!
colors in the photos r brilliant !!!

would like to enquire if you are looking for a full time assistant to assist u ??? As i'm quite interested too along with my friend.


LJY said...

i LOVE the photos
would have love to be watching this shoot ;_;

Zhang Jingna said...

LJY: You're welcomed to watch my shoots any time, if you're in Singapore. XD

Please be assisting me when I shoot in Msia. Lol.

NEOkeitaro said...

I seem to be the only one to know what you're talking about :D
I think what he did was right, and rather sensible, even though I kinda understand the reactions of others... One thing that saddens me though, is that Go isn't more popular outside Asia... In France, it's all about soccer. Soccer is for suckers. (corny pun, I know...).

Anyway, great pictures as always, I can't wait to meet you! :D

pebble said...

wow fantastic as usual~!! The photo i mean.. i do know a little about go only.

Haha if everyone watches your shoots wouldn't it be chaos?? But who wouldn't want to watch and learn??
I think i started photos partly inspired by you but far from good : )

pebble said...

oh i started this in singapore
sooner or later i'm gonna get beaten up or sued :D

~Stan~ said...

Great photos Ms. Jingna! The models are

Lol! You kinda rambled there. You sure are passionate about your go, huh? Well, we all tend to kinda go into long winded speeches with information and accomplishments about our heroes/idols/obsessions :) .

RKD said...

Those models are gorgeous.

Vicky Ruckman Le said...

Wow! I love the colors here! You really put out the summer feeling, also in a very elegent way.

riverstyx said...

really nice! LOVE the last one :D

to be honest i skipped hehe :P

kai said...

wow , yea , it is sad that Lee Sedol has to leave, but I think it will be good for him since he said he's exhausted, so this is a good time to call in a break. after all, he is financially stable .... :)

Draccards said...

I first saw your works at but that site was closed down, anyway nice to come across your blog once again nice works ;-)

Dianishhh said...

simply beautiful I love your work girl!

Eun-Ji said...

Hi Jingna, I've been a long time fan of your works! I love the brightness of your recent summer works :) I wanted to share this with you because I saw that it was in your profile description.

I got really excited and then I thought of my favorite photographer to share with! Hope you enjoy :)

Zhang Jingna said...

Thanks Eun-Ji, it's cool! Too bad it's not from the W series XD

Anonymous said...

It's a really beautiful arts of your.

It's my favorite blog to enjoy something different and unique.

Rebecca said...

Wow, your pictures are absolutly gorgeous and so beautiful!

taka_nijaka said...

I saw your photos on deviantArt! You have nice gallery;]