Sunday, July 26, 2009

Generally, I don't care how one criticizes me. Be it my works, personality, or everything that you conjure up in your petty heads.

But damn right I can be affected by things that have to do with people I treat and love as family, and in this case, is family.

I'm so angered by your slanders I'm at an utter loss for words, unable to believe that it's even possible for someone to stoop so low.

Saying that I'm unfilial, or even doubting my love for my mother, is as sacrilegious to me as saying a faithful devotee hates his god.

You have no clue of my childhood or life, or of the pain and hardships we lived through. Don't pretend to know me when the only encounter we'd had was on the night you gatecrashed my invite-only book launch/exhibition opening.

I love her above all else, you haven't a single right to say the words of lies you told.

I only pity your bitterness.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Chiba, May 09.

Let there be Gundam. Oh yeah.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Man I sound like some serious otaku.

But really, life-sized Gundam = Epicness 200% + full of Awesome Win.

And I'm one step closer to seeing the impossibility of my childhood dream come undone, heh.

For those who're interested, it's in Odaiba, just a little outside of Tokyo. And will probably be there till the end of August 2009. Read more on AnimeNewsNetwork.

Also went to Tokyo Tower at night, just beautiful.

Ahh, it's been a long time since I experienced a day of such simplicity. Yet I was happy. Truly so.

22nd Fujitsu Cup Finals

Monday, July 6, 2009

Due to some odd alignment of the stars, by chance, I was given the opportunity to photograph yet another Go tournament finals. /joy

The Fujitsu Cup was the first international go tournament (in 1988 methinks), and is held jointly by Fujitsu and Yomiuri Shimbun (mega huge newspaper in Japan). The winner's prize money is 15,000,000 yen (roughly US157,000).

The finals was held on the 6th July 2009 at Nihon Ki-in, Tokyo.

I'm extremely in love with the tournament room.

Can't really be compared with Yuugen no Ma (the one excessively featured in Hikaru no Go) because the nature of the design's different, but still, very very beautiful.

Kang Dongyun (姜东润) 9P vs Lee Changho (李昌镐) 9P for champion

Chang Hao (常 昊) 9P vs Park Yeong Hun (朴永训) 9P for 3rd

Kang Dongyun

Lee Changho

Chang Hao

Park Yeong Hun

Across the tournament room

A very empty press room before everyone invaded.

The guy in the far corner is a reporter from Hangame Korea. I was amazed that he actually remembers me from the Ing Cup because most people who'd just met me once or twice can't recognize me with the change of hair. =_=

Takemiya Masaki 9P (famous for his "cosmic style" opening) came in the early afternoon to give commentaries on the games.

Chang and Park's game finished really early, so he came in to speak a little as well.

Accompanied by a gorgeous female pro, 万波佳奈.

Large screen is large.

And... he has a winning smile.

But Eat and I both came to the agreement that Gu Li has the bestest winning smile. So no one beats that. Gu Li FTW~! =D

More Lee Changho
And Kang Dongyun

For some reason he looks perpetually sulky, sleepy, or like he's going to cry. (And I can't resist the urge to want to say "dongyun don't cry" whenever I see this pic. No, seriously.)

End game, counting scores.

And Kang finally smiles with the champion's trophy(?). =D

It was a fun day. I really enjoy the change of atmosphere and mood it brings me whenever I get to cover go events. I also think there aren't enough resources (of all kinds, especially reportage) on go news, so, to those who find this utterly irrelevant, I'm sorry this had to turn up in your readers and alerts, I just want to share a little of what I can experience with the rest of this little community, please pardon my little selfishness. ^^;

See more images on Sina (mineee, all mine!! XD): link 1, link 2

For other go related entries please check the igo tag.

3 weeks worth of blogging condensed

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The idea was initiated while talking with wen-m last year, to document how I pass a typical week of work. But the transit time in Incheon was long enough for me to write a whole 3 weeks worth.

It's kinda plain, and I really wish I could show more pictures. But even behind the scenes aren't allowed till publication's out so, I'm sorry T_T

And I promise not to do something so lame too often. XD

So here goes~ Starting from the day when I touched down back from Paris --

16th Jun, Tue
In Singapore. Tired, don't like long flights. Wanted to sleep, had to rush retouching for Orchard Central. (I think the ads are up at Somerset and Dhoby Ghaut stations)

17th Jun, Wed
More retouching into the morning.

18th Jun, Thur
Full day beauty shoot for Harper's Bazaar. Originally meant for Aug issue, but because there aren't enough pages it then got pushed back to Sept. Somehow one of my favourite shoots again.

Abby was in town (she assisted me in Tokyo and Kyoto), so I let her on set and we attended Steve McCurry's exhibition opening in the evening (and due to certain silliness on my part, Steve McCurry took a photo for us, hahaha). :3

19th Jun, Fri
Pre-production meeting/briefing for an ad job in the morning, to be shot in Jakarta. Quick interview for the Martell Rising Personalities Award nomination in the afternoon.

20th Jun, Sat
Worked on preparing my references for ad job as requested by client.

21st Jun, Sun
Finished up a 1800 word long article in Chinese for a photography mag in China. It sounds simple, only 1800 words, but I failed Chinese back in school okay, so it's quite a feat haha.

22nd Jun, Mon
Full day with the Harper's Bazaar team again, I was happy that I got to work with my fav Andrea Claire for makeup. Greg-O did the hair, singing and dancing with everyone along the way.

Funny bunch aren't they. Hahaha. My assistant Chenxi took this =3

Andrea just moved to Texas. /sad

23rd Jun, Tue
Half day shoot for Cleo in the morning. Self portrait session for another interview in the afternoon. Dashed for a meeting at Japan Embassy right after that to talk about the possibility of holding my exhibition at the Japan Creative Centre opening in Nov.

24th Jun, Wed
Flight to Tokyo~! Packed throughout the night before and had 2 hours of sleep, so I slept on the plane, felt terribly ill at one point of time due to the constant turbulence. Thought I was gonna throw up and die or get quarantined and panicked like I had never before because there were just way too many shoots lining up in the next 7 days.

Eventually after sitting bonelessly weak in the toilet and breaking out in cold sweat for like, half an hour. I somewhat recovered and made it down the plane safe and fine again.

Took forever to get to where I stay, it's one thing that annoys me quite a bit. Narita is so far away from Tokyo. T_T Then again, you can probably say that Singapore's too small thus it's so much faster to get home from the airport.

25th Jun, Thur
Hair salon in the morning. The roots were growing out so much it was reaching the point that I couldn't stand looking at myself in the mirror anymore.

Picked up my Intuos 4 in the early afternoon, rushed back to apartment, start rushing images for Bazaar.

Rushed out of the house at 6 for light-rental. Apparently while working I kept looking at my laptop's clock which was in Singapore time, and an hour later than Tokyo. This ALWAYS happens, and I don't know why I always think that I won't make the mistake of forgetting to calculate the time; and I always ending up doing just that, then always end up having to reluctantly change it to the local timezone eventually. /selfbish

Met up with assistant Chiaki around 6.45, rental place closes at 7, but was kind enough to wait for us before wrapping the day.

Took my 2 Profoto 500 Air and ran for Gothic Lolita Bible's office. Met Chiaki's ex-colleagues from Sony Pictures, who broke into some hysterical laughter upon me mentioning I'd came to Tokyo twice just to see X Japan. I don't know why it happened, it wasn't the first or second time either. Oh well, I entertained them somehow at least, I guess.

Meeting from 8-10pm, apparently everyone works there till the last train. -_-!!

Went back and continued on with the Bazaar pictures.

26th Jun, Fri
(sorry, I know the pic is from the previous entry ^^;)
First shoot was with the awesome duo Kokusyoku Sumire for GLB.

Attended some actress/model's birthday party at night because Sawaka was singing.

27th Jun, Sat
Sorta slept in, wanted to stay home and work, but had to leave the house because my Softbank phone ran out of credits and I couldn't afford having my team unable to contact me for the coming shoots.

Attempted to shop at Harajuku. Pre-shoot anxieties refused me any desires to spend.

Met up with Chris and had dinner together. Discussed about the following day's shoot a little.

First Kitchen = love.

During dinner we also pondered upon whether one would take Nutella with rice, so I posted the poll on my dA, see results here.

28th Jun, Sun
Special feature for GLB. I just LOVE the dresses so much (not that I can wear any).

29th Jun, Mon
Morning flight to Jakarta, transit in Incheon, did nothing but walk around (and shop) for 4 hours at the airport, which was surprisingly not that bad.

Someone from the production house picked me up at the airport, took only about an hour or so to reach the hotel.

30th Jun, Tue
My assistant Eric and I were both tired, couldn't sleep well. The pillow was too small and high, my head kept slipping off it every other hour.

Had pre-production meeting at Ogilvy. Then to the client's office in the afternoon.

Under the insistence of our producer we were moved to a much much better hotel in Kemang. *hearts*

1st Jul, Wed
Full day shoot for Pond's.

Eric and I played the piano while waiting for the set to get ready. It was so much fun. (We both played X Japan stuff, haha)

2nd Jul, Thur
Finished up 2 interviews, in English and Chinese (epic, yet again).
Flight back to Tokyo.

3rd Jul, Fri
Touch down in Tokyo, take forever to get back to the apartment again. Crash.

4th Jul, Sat
Kagetsuki is in town~~!!!

We're so awesome that we only hang out when we're overseas (Tokyo mostly, actually). I think the last time I actually saw her in Singapore was like, last year, but that was for a shoot, not hang out D:

So we went shopping =X

Saw this along the way in Shibuya station. Pretty awesome stuff~

Anyway, onto shopping.

I managed to get yun to buy her first pieces of Gadget Grow and Yohji Yamamoto *is proud of self* and she talked me into trying on pieces from Moi meme Moitie for the first time too. =3

Alas, the price tag is not meant for Jingna.

Did buy a simple jacket from Black Peace Now, which she hated, which I loved. Didn't have much time to do anything else since she had to rush back to Narita.

Lastly, new work is up:

Uncropped version (nudity warning) is available on deviantArt and Flickr. Thanks for everyone who commented so far. :3

I finished reading The Sorrows of Young Werther by J. W. Goethe. Awesomeness. Will try to find time to blog about some of the really inspiring (to me anyway) stuff I'd been reading.

Glad to finally have the coming 2 days off (I think). I can probably even sleep in tomorrow. Hope I'll be able to squeeze my way in to see the Fujitsu Cup Finals at Nihon Ki-in on Monday. *crosses fingers* Hope everyone's been good~ =D