22nd Fujitsu Cup Finals

Monday, July 6, 2009

Due to some odd alignment of the stars, by chance, I was given the opportunity to photograph yet another Go tournament finals. /joy

The Fujitsu Cup was the first international go tournament (in 1988 methinks), and is held jointly by Fujitsu and Yomiuri Shimbun (mega huge newspaper in Japan). The winner's prize money is 15,000,000 yen (roughly US157,000).

The finals was held on the 6th July 2009 at Nihon Ki-in, Tokyo.

I'm extremely in love with the tournament room.

Can't really be compared with Yuugen no Ma (the one excessively featured in Hikaru no Go) because the nature of the design's different, but still, very very beautiful.

Kang Dongyun (姜东润) 9P vs Lee Changho (李昌镐) 9P for champion

Chang Hao (常 昊) 9P vs Park Yeong Hun (朴永训) 9P for 3rd

Kang Dongyun

Lee Changho

Chang Hao

Park Yeong Hun

Across the tournament room

A very empty press room before everyone invaded.

The guy in the far corner is a reporter from Hangame Korea. I was amazed that he actually remembers me from the Ing Cup because most people who'd just met me once or twice can't recognize me with the change of hair. =_=

Takemiya Masaki 9P (famous for his "cosmic style" opening) came in the early afternoon to give commentaries on the games.

Chang and Park's game finished really early, so he came in to speak a little as well.

Accompanied by a gorgeous female pro, 万波佳奈.

Large screen is large.

And... he has a winning smile.

But Eat and I both came to the agreement that Gu Li has the bestest winning smile. So no one beats that. Gu Li FTW~! =D

More Lee Changho
And Kang Dongyun

For some reason he looks perpetually sulky, sleepy, or like he's going to cry. (And I can't resist the urge to want to say "dongyun don't cry" whenever I see this pic. No, seriously.)

End game, counting scores.

And Kang finally smiles with the champion's trophy(?). =D

It was a fun day. I really enjoy the change of atmosphere and mood it brings me whenever I get to cover go events. I also think there aren't enough resources (of all kinds, especially reportage) on go news, so, to those who find this utterly irrelevant, I'm sorry this had to turn up in your readers and alerts, I just want to share a little of what I can experience with the rest of this little community, please pardon my little selfishness. ^^;

See more images on Sina (mineee, all mine!! XD): link 1, link 2

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一番ぼしでした!!! said...

It's understandable since go is so limited to niche area of fans and players worldwide. I've always wanted to try it out but I've never gotten anyone to teach me. 3:

It's fascinating too, how you find interest in the subtleties of players, like in their expressions.

Sorin Gherman said...

Great photos, thanks a lot!!
You are so lucky to be able to see this live...


yuuiki said...

The tournament looks intense lol. Go seems interesting o.O

mikong said...

Beautiful pics! The tournament room is amazing :)

It's nice that Kang Dongyun finally won his first international championship.

Suka said...

i got a Weiqi app on my iphone actually, since you were sitting next to me at the devmeet, i was gonna open it, make a move then randomly hand it to you, but i had a feeling you'd find that a tad strange lol. awesome tourney pics =)

Rajdeep Dhadwal said...

Go is awesome (even though I suck at it)! This was an awesome entry.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... you're into GO.
Lot of Koreans here....

Boywing said...

Cool, I wish I could be there to see. I was able to visit pro games twice in Beijing, China a couple of years ago. But we were not allowed to take pictures. Lee Sedol didn't like to be disturbed.

Alex ~ viscaria said...

good to read some GO news here, really enjoy it ...

Poppy said...

I love your profile display picture. :D, your flying hair.

Heh, irrelevant to your post!

kai said...

Thanks for the coverage!!

~Stan~ said...

Heh, it's quite alright. You are in all your rights to post something like this that brings you happyness.

Wooh! This is some good coverage. I love all the photos. Kang Dongyun does indeed look perpetually tired. Even in that last picture of him smiling (finally!). But really, he looks like just...some srz bsns.

pamela said...

first? I'm surprised. I thought Go was around for a long time, this should have happened a while ago!

Still amazing that you get to photograph the first one, though :)