Sunday, July 26, 2009

Generally, I don't care how one criticizes me. Be it my works, personality, or everything that you conjure up in your petty heads.

But damn right I can be affected by things that have to do with people I treat and love as family, and in this case, is family.

I'm so angered by your slanders I'm at an utter loss for words, unable to believe that it's even possible for someone to stoop so low.

Saying that I'm unfilial, or even doubting my love for my mother, is as sacrilegious to me as saying a faithful devotee hates his god.

You have no clue of my childhood or life, or of the pain and hardships we lived through. Don't pretend to know me when the only encounter we'd had was on the night you gatecrashed my invite-only book launch/exhibition opening.

I love her above all else, you haven't a single right to say the words of lies you told.

I only pity your bitterness.


Yuzu said...

I found your comment through twitter and take the freedom to say my thought on this because it is something I feel near to somewhat.
I completely agree with you.
No one should touch such topics in any occasion,even the worst ones.Unfortunately,many people are particulary good at this, I noticed it in my own life.
People can stop really low: this is why we must protect ourselves from them most of the time.
I sincerly wish you to find your peace over this matter soon.
A hug.

RKD said...

what the fuck? what the hell kind of creep would dare say something so fucking hateful like that?

i don't understand how people can be so negative towards others. Especially you, because you are so beautiful and your work is amazing and your personality is great. Maybe it's just jealousy that fuels people to say such stupid and immoral things. But I never understand why they would. I honestly don't think you've done anything to piss someone off.

Some people are just a-holes, there's no doubt about that.

I hope, just like Yuzu said above, that you find your peace over this soon.

Ram said...

That's it!
Don't let anyone step on your heart!
Specially an idiot with just rubbish on its mind.
All support to you.

riopio said...

Love your haters. They're your biggest fans.

sNsKid said...

It's really hard not to be affected by the things people say when they are the furthest thing from the truth. I'm sure your mother knows how much you care. I applaud you for not mentioning the person who said these things to you. They don't deserve mentioning. Please know that there are people who see this situation from your point of view and agree with you.

dante direnç said...

Simply unforgivable.
I cannot understand what you're going through, and probably no one else truly can because none of us have lived lives identical to yours, but I know it's unforgivable.
I remember the night you opened your exhibition, one of the first people you thanked was your mother. I thought to myself that if I were ever to make it someday in life, I'd do that too.
The lowest blow a person can strike in attacking a person is not attacking the person's self, but the things the person holds dear. Your family has nothing to do with this, anyone who touches them, in slandering you, does not deserve so much as even a bit of your attention.
Make your peace as quickly as you can, and move on. A small person as he or she, should continue living his or her small life away from you.

Anonymous said...

Don't let these ppl get to you. They're not worth your time.

Think about all your fans instead.

Henrik said...

Envious people are the lowest of low. You can however look at it like this; you can get away from them by not involving yourself with them ever again. They cannot get away from themselves. IF they wish to spend the rest of their lives moaning over how good everyone else has it, its THEIR life wasted, not yours.

I've been an admirer of your work for a long time and the heart and soul you pour into your work is evident in every single image. Anyone blind enough not to see that is a sad individual indeed. And if the love can show in your imagery, it does also show in your personal life. I honestly think its impossible not to have one without the other.

Stand strong Jingna, and know there are people out there who love your work (and your blog) even without ever meeting you =)

/Henrik from Sweden

LJY said...

well, i can testify that i've seen mutual affection between Jingna and her mum! *waves fist at slanderer*

Screw slanderers that have to drag out the family! *gives Asakusa peanut candy to Jingna* ... ;D

Anonymous said...

I hate that person who came and bully you when you are working .... i think that person stupid ...tell her go get a life la ...hai yo

Anonymous said...

riopio said...

Love your haters. They're your biggest fans.

hey totally agree...i think either it will piss your enemy of by loving them..........or he will stop disturbing you and repent

LOU said...

These people have nothing better to do than to rot their lives away. *hugs <3
- Joyce Poh

stefan said...

You are an admirable woman, open enough to say what's on your mind and classy enough to keep that person (your offender) anonymous.

I hope you feel better soon, if not already.

Raymond T. said...

cheer up.

~Stan~ said...

*Nod* *Nod* Nice. Nice one. No one has the right to say such things when they don't even know you.

Way to speak out :)

Cwithe said...

Eat hiimm! slice him open. show no mercy!! muwahaahaa...