Monday, August 3, 2009

I thought it's high time I made an attempt to update. At least to rid of the angst from being the first thing that greets you on this page.

The above is from my new postcard book which will be available for sale at the Singapore Toy & Comic Con next weekend (along with noah's). Model is Holly aka Ivory Flame. We're still finalizing some details, but the FA will go out tomorrow~

Events from the past week haven't been the most pleasant one can yearn for. But that nasty things and events always needing to crowd together because they're too afraid to confront someone on their own, just makes me reassure myself even more that when I overcome it all, I emerge stronger and happier.

Had a wonderful shoot with Margaret again last Friday. We had a 6am call-time which turned out to be absolutely worthy. For now I'll just try not to think about the pain of DI, and leave it for later...

At the moment I find myself finally reaching the end of Guy de Maupassant's short stories.

I'm so happy I feel like I deserve a good meal for the celebration.

Too realistic and satirized. I had to read ten fairytales for every one of his stories just to compensate for the ever-increasing angst I developed towards the world.

The only reason I put myself through the torture was because he's the first author I picked up as a child.

Weird. Yeah. I know.

Anyway, book-rant aside, I'm really looking forward to this month.

It's going to be maddeningly busy, but some of my favourite shoots from June/July are coming out so I can't wait~

Over the weekend I met up with a friend who is back in Singapore for his holidays, and marveled at the differences between a man of science and a man woman of art.

Well, our train of thoughts anyway.

The conversations were filled with so much science, experiments, illogicality of humans, and reality, that somehow I couldn't help but 感叹 a couple times that —— 做人好难.

Please do pardon the completely random Chinese, I just don't know how to explain it. I'd actually asked for suggestions on Twitter, but everyone who understood agreed that it's kinda hard to put across in English.

That's it for now, I ought to start packing for my trip tomorrow. (Yes, it's Tokyo, again)

If you're too bored, feel free to read through my Ask me anything and I'll answer post on deviantART. You'd need to be logged in to see my replies respective to each question though. ^^;


LOU said...

<3 Am glad for the catch up over MSN, lovely photos as always :) Take care of yourself love!
- Joyce Poh

Dario Castillo said...

nice to see you still have the magic touch in your photography - fantasy like; post it on deviantart (:

glad to see you have catched up :D

dA / xenophotography

dante direnç said...

*goes to hide in small corner on the other side of the river*

riverstyx said...

lovely pics! hope u find more enjoyment during the busy times ahead ;)

Suka said...

"its so hard to be an upright person"

~Stan~ said...

Beuaitful photos, interesting author, heh~ I hope your book is a big hit! ^o^/

Ha ha, meeting friends again... The random Chinese made me LOL for some reason.

Wah. Going to Tokyo again. Have fun!

Take care of yourself and have a nice day.

yhzkyl said...

those pics are AMAZING! Do you use lighting for both pictures?

sinsong said...

love the new shot of margaret! such a pity that i didnt manage to join it... anyways, cant wait to see more. :)

Daniel Chou said...

First pic is awesome. To me she feels like the maiden of the lake from the story of Arthur. Good stuff you got here Jin!

Anonymous said...

(For those who don't know chinese)
Roughly means "It's hard to be a human" (I think) Human of flesh with a sense of justice and love. A "good" person?

It's 人 that's hard to translate. Like the definition of human can vary. (All of it IMO)

But yeah, it kinda is much better in Chinese.