Lancôme Advertorial

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Harper's Bazaar Singapore Sept 09

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Alli Sim
Makeup: Andrea Claire
Hair: Greg-O
Photography Assistants: Hoong Weilong, River Chen
Styling Assistant: Lim Pei Xuan
Model: Sugi/Carrie Models

Wonderful set with a wonderful team.

The light was too gorgeous to waste so I took random shots of the team after we wrapped.


Alas, we have to come across people who're beauty and brains all in one to make ourselves feel tiny every now and then.

Andrea (and I).

She's the amazing one behind the epic makeup/hair for Celosia (which has placed 3rd in the International Photography Awards under Fine Arts: Nudes category).

Greg-O said we looked like sisters with the similar hair colours and all, so we took a shot together. XD

Andrea and Greg being hilarious.


Bauni said...

I was never able to get that light. I love it, give the pictures such a nice romantic look, like the one you're in and the one with Andrea. Love the light, its really amazing. About the Advertorial, gotta say the girl is gorgeous and you and your team did a spectacular job there! well done once more *

Hope you're ok *

drowninsanity said...

gahhh that lighting is amazing. so beautiful.

Samantha Nandez said...

Love the lighting set-up, it came out great! Beautiful work as usual.

I love seeing behind the scenes stuff. Just shows how many people and the work that goes into doing a photoshoot.

Robert Milovan said...

Cool. Always interesting - don't really know why - to see the picture behind-the-scenes of other photog's. Take care /Robert

Jackkaye said...

Great photos, as usual!

TabzChewy said...

I love how you have such an awesome team and the model's wearing great purple socks! (as a random note)

Awesome photos!

Dy said...

I really like the photo near the end . It's very simple but I love it . Because it's just you :)

riverstyx said...

the lighting is gorgeous!!

can you tell us what lighting set-up you used? :):)

Chime said...

beautiful works! :)
Sugi is a mongolian model, right?

Anonymous said...

agree. i like to see the behind the scene shots.

Katrijn Michiels said...

Great photos!
What was the lighting setup?

Cecilie Harris said...

i'm such a sucker for good behind the scenes images, thanks for posting :)

volanosi said...

The light is lovely makes the photo look very mysterious! Would love to see more of the behind the scenes photos.. those are always cool to see :)

Finding Hecate said...

I love the side highlights! Did you skrim soft boxes or something..?
I like the behind the scene photos as well, thanks for posting :)
Beautiful work as always!

stefan kozma said...

awesome rim lighting :) very clean!