Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's happeninggggg, happening tomorrow~!!

Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention is on tomorrow until Sunday.

And Noah will be here~!!! I'm so excited~

Setup pic~ Our booth is A26, behind the huge Blythe booth, towards the left side of the hall after you enter.

Proofs from the printer for the postcard collection.

And the postcard books =D

Noah and I have one set each, 24 postcards per book~ It will be SGD15 at the event, limited copies available :3

Suntec City Convention Hall 401& 402
11-9pm, Friday-Sunday 14-16 Aug
Admission is free.
More info here.

And prices for the stuff on sale~
A4 - SGD8
A3 - SGD12
Postcard Collection - SGD15
Something Beautiful - SGD35
Something Beautiful (LE) - SGD119

Noah will do live demos on Sat & Sun, please feel free to drop by~ I'll be there all 3 days. n_n


Sebastian (Sweden) said...

Wish I could be there :P

~Stan~ said...

Damn it! I really wish I could partake in this convention. Toys, games, COMICS?!??!?! And you're there too so~ Gaah, have fun!

Ashley [ Huixian ] said...

How exciting!!

That postcard collection looks amazing. I love postcards :)

Ayden said...

Who do you use a printer?


YUN ZHEN! said...

Wish I could be there but busy all weekend. But told my friend to buy for me anyway :D

riverstyx said...

Wow very cool! The prints look cool too :D wish i could be there ;) Hope it goes well!

Squee said...

Hope there's still postcards sets left... I'll go camp there tomorrow morning

riverstyx said...

PS. your lilith pic looks awesome on the cover ;)

Mikhail said...

This is amazing! I want a postcard collection :P Great stuff!

Wasabi Sandwich said...

cool stuff - noah's stuff are inspiring as well, makes me wanna grab a digital sketch pad and starts doing illustrations...

Melvin said...

It's too bad that I missed this event-,- hope I can go to Singapore next year and attend this event^^
Anyway, if you have time, take a visit to my Download Games website.