STGCC Wrapup

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just a quick post w/ the only few images I have from Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention.

I totally forgot to go around!! D:

With renr

With kagetsuki.

Noah doing demo.

Me, supposedly signing, and looking evil.

This pic is posted for the sole purpose of showing off my awesome Alice Auaa top (which you can't see much of, except for the sleeves).

Noah insisted that my signature's so simple his book should cost $5 more just for his efforts in producing a complex one. =_=

Random camwhoring pic~

Had dinners with Asuka111, vic-mon, manda, sandara, kidchan and many more, who're all super awesome in their own ways and styles, I'm so so happy to see you guys again~

And I absolutely cannot thank enough the ones who came over to our booth, I'm so sincerely, utterly grateful for your support. I have no words, only thank you, thank you, and thank you. <3


The Insensitive Nightmare said...

Yuh. I'm glad that I made it there even though Prelims were ongoing. Now it's almost over.

How times flies.

It was fantastic meeting you.

Squee said...

I forgot to get my copy signed orz

Khairul Annas said...

i wish i can be there

Samantha Nandez said...

Looks like it went well :D

That top looks awesome! Do you have other pics of it?

Dethhart Read 毒死心 said...

Hi zemotion~

With relevance to the interview you posted on dA...well ok here goes~:

Though I've never been under Gifted Programme my school is considered to be in the higher end of the "mediocre" schools in the caste system. (taking Os this year)

And I can't really explain but since young I've always liked the idea of creating. I didn't really notice it either, it just came to me Scout Finch says she doesn't love breathing. (To Kill a Mockingbird, idk if you've read it before ._.)

Now I'm 16 I've come to realise, something similar to you, I'm dying to deviate from this system where everybody is vying to be first...for the sake of being first. I don't mean what they do is ALL bad, but...I never want to force myself to live their kind of life.
I also started to lurk around the internet, chancing upon, being fascinated by many masterpieces (like yours). I also came to realise I want to be an artist.

Personally I prefer other mediums to photography, but are an artist, aren't you? And I want to be an artist too.

You might feel weird reading this but I want you to know you're something like a...role model, an idol of some sort to me. And definitely, somehow, the existence of Miss Zhang Jingna who gave up a Raffles education for photography makes me feel like I too can pursue art...even if my parents, my teachers, peers and friends think I'm an absolute idiot for giving up the chance to get a secure white-collar go around risking everything I have for something I love.

I'm taking Os, but ugh just going through the motion. Everybody around me insists I should be a "1-digit" (for L1R5 cutoff) but really, I can't care less about them anymore. Right after O's I'll be going where ever my heart takes me...coincidentally, somewhere reasonably far away from JCs, Polys, banking, NUS, NTU, SIM, A*Star, ITEs, etc..

Thank you so much, zemotion, thank you.

And by the way your photographs are really stunning! I lack the fancy art-connoisseur vocabulary to praise your work, but really. They're beautiful. I seldom speak out when I view your work, but I want you to know right now they all awestruck me, and...just keep it up, keep going...! You have my support!

Thanks for reading this till the end, it means a lot. ^^ (sorry I'm very long-winded haha-.- i previewed and it's longer than your blogpost=.=..)


Suka said...

argh! Kagetsuki has such a stunning jaw line (random) but seriously, there's something about her, n you really captured it.
Asides from that =D
Congrats on the convention =) bring your whole boot to london next time, the whole thing.... including the walls =D

dantedirenc said...

First off, Dethhart GMH. I wish you all the best. I don't cry at letters, but I nearly did at yours. All the best, and may you rise as Jingna has, to be all you have inside you, and then some.

God I wish I could've been there. Congratulations on a good STGCC, I'm tempted to buy a postcard book. *_____*

riverstyx said...

wish i could've been there! looks like it was lots of fun :D

S. Kahlon said...

Your photography honestly astounds me. I love it and am so impressed by it.

Genuinely, you are a role model.