Studio safety + designTAXI interview

Friday, August 28, 2009

I was giving a talk for Profoto last night, during the light change I talked about the importance of putting weights and sandbags for light stands and booms -- that I'd been on sets when lights fall -- and boom! A beauty dish crashed to the floor behind me.

Oh. The irony.

At least no one was injured, and the light survived the crash (amazingly. The last 2m fall I experienced didn't kill the bulb either. Profoto FTW~!).

But yeah, studio safety. Use sandbags, weigh down booms, tape down wires and no uncapped liquids anywhere near the equipment vicinities.

I'd been on a sort-of break the past week. It's the first time I get to spend such a long break in Singapore in the past year.

It's actually pretty awesome to just laze around, attempt my 1984293 books and meet up with friends. I think the last time I had hung out with so many people in the span of a week was some 7 years ago.

A while back I was privileged with a featured interview for designTAXI.

Check it out here: The Front Seat Interview - Melancholy as an Aesthetic Emotion

It's one of my favourites to date. Thank you Gwen for the awesome questions~


dario said...

oh the irony.
tell us when you come to san diego (;
glad you're okay :D


dA // xenophotography

Sebastian said...

just came her from fallen rose. nice blog you have - and when it comes to sandbags and stuff, I know what you mean: I am always moving and setting up all the equipment for Jamari Lior and with all the hectic and movement, especially on location, I am still amazed that so far, nothing ever fell... (would be seriously bad, if you are shooting in a pool by the way!)

stefan kozma said...

Yup... Im guilty... you know, sometimes those strobe cables aren't quite long the light way up high... hey, ill just move the powerpack outta the way a b... "*@&$#!!!"

But yeah, seriously, when in the studio, long shoot, get a little tired, a bit clumsy, shit happens... and on location, definitely don't want people hurt!