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Thursday, December 3, 2009

24 postcards


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Noah and I have known each other for some six years now. We've both grown and influenced each other so much over the years, thinking back, it's incredible how fast time flies. I'm so glad we finally got publish something together. (Well, at the same time anyway. Haha) He's preparing for an artbook which had been delayed for years and years, but hopefully with the new year coming it's going to happen. And if it does, we may hop by SDCC together. Crossing fingers now. :D


ihz said...

I saw your schedule on the right of your page. Are you coming to Taipei simply for a trip or would you be having some events going on?

Artemis said...

I just ordered your postcards ;)

Sophia Pan said...

Your work is soooo amazing!
I'm in love with it :)
Awesome photographer and artist.

Have a nice weekend, Sophia Pan


jabraniho said...

wow ! really nice work
especially your photo works

Anonymous said...

yoo... thanks for ..