Crunch Time

Monday, January 18, 2010

Was confirmed for an awesome project today which I'm really excited about~! It's going to be madness for the next three weeks with my exhibition proposal due soon around the same time, will tell you guys more about what's going on when I can. Hurr. :D

When those are over, I'm gonna freaking catch up with all these backlogs that are at war with me. Somehow I'm having troubles bringing myself to look at these things. Gah.

Been focusing a lot on CGHUB the last couple months. We have some great activities going on for both 2D and 3D, as well as a super delicious sketchbooks section. Dave Rapoza (Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons & Dragons) is leading a daily study group for free, it's pretty cool and Dave answers a lot of questions that students have about the industry. ImagineFX is going to cover the Story Tellers activities a bit, so you'd never know if your stuff get picked up from there ya? ;D

I'll find time to upload some inspirational images from the site later. Some of them are so awesome I want to cry, like seriously.

Heading to L.A. again in Feb! I promise I'll do a meetup this time. Have yet to confirm the dates though, I'll probably open up slots for some portfolio shoots as well. Will update with more information when the dates are closer. That's it for now~


U.D. said...

Good luck, good luck! Hope to hear some news with regards to this post! ^______^ If there is a exhibition, I hope I can make it!

Wolf Schröder said...

I wish you'd come to Atlanta..

Bubydub said...

Giiirl I wish you'd come to San Francisco! I might be in LA around Valentine's Day though~ I would very very much like to meet you!

TabzChewy said...

wooo! sounds like a pack-filled period ahead for you :D good luck!!

Ughhh, I'm definitely going to be in Michigan for kendo tournament in Feb...why do all the cool people go to my home state ;A;