Teatime at The Wolseley

Monday, March 22, 2010

Been mad busy since I arrived in London. Location and model changes being made over and over and over. Sigh.

Managed to spend the afternoon with Heeseung at The Wolseley today though. Cheered me up so much. Man the scones, the clotted cream. The clotted cream!! I could've eaten a whole jar plain if you gave me one.

The place was so pretty too. Black and gold perfection.


TabzChewy said...

looks exquisite! :3

Chenxi said...

only the English, man if afternoon tea were a tradition here too I'd be a pretty happy girl. ;A;

ged said...

Looks lovely! <3
It'd be wonderful if there's a tea place like that near where I live.

A pleasant day to you. ヾ(´・ω・`)

xYazz said...

Ooh I love scones too ^.^
Nice you had a free afternoon after all =D

Sarolta Márton said...

I had breakfast there last week, it really is lovely ^_^

Anonymous said...

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narratress said...

random entries are usually the best to read :)

Shino Takahashi said...

Enjoy that clotted creme! I had some for the first time at a little cafe in Covent Garden recently and I ended up slabbing literally the entire cup of it unto my tiny scone and wrapped myself in its creaminess as my boyfriend starred in horror of what my arteries were in for. Good eatings, good eatings.

kegro said...

Hey dear Miss Jingnan,

I really adore your art of photographing. I can´t imagine how someone can do photos like you do.
Your blogg is really awsome. Reading what a commecial-photographer goes threw, while working, is so interessing.
I already watched you in deviantart, where I met you first.
I hope to see more from you. Keep it on.
Greetings, Kerstin Großardt from Germany, Mannheim.

Anonymous said...

lovely photo! what photo editor do you use?

Samantha said...

Love your photos! What do you actually work as?

K said...

Ahh you've made me hungry. Looks so tasty, haha.