Exhibition: Angel Dreams by Zhang Jingna

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some of you probably already know about this from my Facebook page, but just for those who missed out, I'm preparing for a new exhibition due to start this month on the 29th till 18th June.

This is my second solo gallery show, I'd forgotten how much pain it is to do one till I got down to doing it. But this is something I had really been wanting to do for this year, so here it is.

The collection will feature some Japanese-themed pieces, photos from my collaboration with Sugizo, some other previously unpublished works, a selection of my iconic pieces over the years, as well as a room with outtakes, behind-the-scenes photos, work-in-progress materials, and personal items like artbooks and photobooks that have influenced and inspired me over the years.

The venue is a really beautiful space and I'm very excited to begin with the installation, except we've yet to start on the printing because I take forever to select and process my images. -_-;;

There's a Meet the Artist session on the 5th of June. The registration is already full, but I think press passes can be requested via Japan Creative Centre for media coverage. I will also try to stay around a bit longer and be down at the gallery now and then when possible. Hope to see you there~

Exhibition details:

29 May to 18 June 2010 
Tues to Sat: 10am - 6pm
(Closed on Sun & Mon)
*Main hall is closed on 5 June for a closed-door meet-the-artist session between 1:30pm-3pm

Japan Creative Centre
4 Nassim Road, Singapore 258372
Tel: +65 6737 0434
Free Admission

For interviews and other press-related enquiries, please write to valerie@zhangjingna.com


wei leng said...

Ahhh so sad. I'm busy during that period of exhibition.
Please do come over to Malaysia for exhibitions/events!

Ju said...

:( I've been dying to come and see some of your exhibit there in Singapore but for some reason I can't.

Is there any possibilities for a book of any kind to be published for this particular exhibit? That would be great.

TabzChewy said...

I wish I was in Singapore...;_; Will you be posting photos of the event somewhere?

Pix said...

I get these days that are just perfect. You know? Not like busy or, dunno, creative or industrious, to describe them in blogs or text message to your friends about or something.. The moments when the stage is so beautiful that you deny it to your camera and keep it stubbornly to yourself. Just… The own intimate kind of perfect. The days for writing love letters to strangers :) I drive from the city and to the edge of the valley and because it’s ridiculously early, everything is stuck between dreaming and work-day rush. I cannot tell you how primeval it is, the wet grass patches and the foggy lakes and the forest animals and occasional hunter lurking about. Tiny villages pass and large farms boast. I feel so surrendered to whatever music finds me via radio (and the muses must love me then, for they fiddle like they were sharing secrets), that I swear my heart invents its own rhythm to suit it. It is what not existing at all and yet being aware of everything that’s ever existed must feel like to God. I get them often enough, days like these, being a reasonably happy person that I am, but within them there are moments that make me feel beyond alive – probably how light must feel when it hits something very curious, like a marble or rain or a glass of icy Coke or something :D – and sometimes I can’t but to think of people like you, while they - these perfect moments - are passing in the other direction. Magical people, mystical people. People I comprehend so painfully briefly, but am mesmerized by how wonderful they make me feel none the less. I thought maybe I should tell you this :)

triplealfa said...

Finally! Got to see your work with Sugizo! My friends and I are coming, and definitely can't wait to see your works!

nomad™ said...

i wish i could attend the exhibition...=(

dreamtomatoes said...

Congrats on your second solo exhibition! I'd love to come see it if I get the chance! :D

Also, just curious, but is that the image of your friend you said you discovered and realized how awesome it was?

Squee said...

meet the artist registration full so fast orz
I'll probably drop by on that any anyways

Zhang Jingna said...

wei leng: Hopefully one day!

Ju: Not for this exhibition itself, but I do plan to do a new book end this year/early next year, that should hopefully include most of the new works from this exhibition! :)

TabzChewy: Yup yup, I'm pretty sure I can get to that. :)

Pix: Soooooooo sweet of you. Sorry I can't come up with something equally long that will seemingly match your effort but know that it really really touched me. Thank you ;_;

triplealfa: Thank you! :)

dreamtomatoes: Thanks! Good catch, yes! Hahaha.

Squee: Yeahhh it filled up in the first two days when I did a soft launch of the site and posted the link to facebook orz. I'll try to stick around after the meet and greet!!

madhatter said...

hey, im wondering if you will be selling your book "Something Beautiful" at the exhibition? I missed it when you came to Comic Fiesta (last yr?) because of work :(

Danny said...

aaargh! I missed the registration for the meetup :(

Lucian Curelariu said...

Your work it's absolutely amazing...I'm fascinated by how you see things through your lens.
So, your art hit even the the romanian public:) Great job!

cait o said...

Congratulations! The photos you have in the gallery are beautiful. *A*