Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If you're still suffering the memories of that day, you are not alone.

I still see it in my mind, the events as clear as if it were yesterday.

But sometimes, we have to forgive ourselves and move on.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I've arrived back in Irvine all safe and sound.

Job wrapped perfectly before I flew, the laptop survived two falls once during shoot and another after touchdown in LAX.

Will start making plans for the projects I'm gonna do in L.A..

But first I'm gonna play Monster Hunter for five days straight just because I finally can.

I realize I still haven't updated with photos from my exhibition. Busy is a terrible excuse, but it really has been the case.

Many thanks to everyone who visited the show, left words, drawings and kisses in the now very happy guestbook.

I wish I could have been there on more than just two Saturdays, I promise I'll work hard for the second book.

Anime Expo Book Orders - Ends June 10th

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surprise 2-day pop-up sale! :D

This is for Anime Expo only, taking place in Los Angeles from July 1-4th.

Place your order by clicking on the listed prices below. The books have to be picked up with your Paypal purchase confirmation at the event.

The original prices incl. shipping to US are listed for your reference, previews from the books can be viewed via the links from the thumbnails.

Thanks everyone who placed orders!

Pickup Details:

Anime Expo 2010
Los Angeles Convention Center
July 1-4
Artist Alley Table D11 - Zemotion

*The above prices apply for pre-order & pickup at Anime Expo 2010 ONLY. I will NOT be shipping them in the US.

Pre-order ends on June 10th, Los Angeles time (PST) 11:00am.
Limited copies available.

For shipping options to other cities please purchase from here.

Email me at info@zhangjingna.com if you've any questions! Looking forward to meeting everyone~ :3

Seeking team in L.A./Irvine

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'll be staying in Irvine till the end of September, I'm looking for models, hair stylists, makeup artists, stylists and fashion/jewelry/prop designers to collaborate with in Irvine and Los Angeles.
If you're interested please drop me an email with a sample portfolio (5-7 images) and link.

No hi-res photos.

Models please include 2-3 clear snapshots of yourselves with light makeup and no retouching (portrait & full length), experience not necessary.

Email to info@zhangjingna.com.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified, thank you! <3

PS: Some of you may have already noticed from my schedules on the right, I'll be attending Anime Expo with a table in Artist Alley (D11) and San Diego Comic Con with the guys from Storm Lion. I shall be taking orders for my books on a later date, it'll be a discounted rate for Anime Expo and you get to save on shipping too. XD