Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rhine Corset Dress, All Saints
Velvet halter-neck gown, Ralph Lauren Collection

Asymmetrical collar/vest, Mono Clothing; Cotton tank top, Old Navy

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Assistant: Matthew Chretien
Hair: Casey Geren
Makeup: Angela Peralta
Model: Nicole Edwards @ Photogenics

Planning to finish as much work as I can before heading to San Diego for Comic Con this weekend. I feel like it's such an utter waste of my Pro Pass to not be there everyday. But oh well. :\

I've done four shoots here so far. Including another collaboration with Sugizo. The photos are pretty different from those from the last shoot, you'll have to wait and see for yourself when they're out~ XD

I finally finished playing Final Fantasy XIII the other day.

Man, I don't think I'm a fussy person when it comes to games. It's generally quite easy to win me over with some pretty graphics and cutscenes, but the corny scripts (or was it just the translations?), bad pacing and horrendous human proportions just made it really, really very painful to play. I mean, argh, Square Enix, why. WHY.

Makes me sad that it's so bad. Sighhhhh.

Anyway enough random rant. Anyone else gonna be at SDCC on Saturday? :D


FleurLapin said...

So pretty :D

Anonymous said...

her bone structure is impeccable!
beautiful photos (:

Anonymous said...

yes incredible Jigna

Samantha Nandez said...

Loving the images. Very soft and simple compared to your usual work I think.

LoL. I love you Jinga. Most photographers (that I'm aware of) with your resume and caliber I wouldn't imagine playing video games. But it's nice to know that you're still playing, cheers ;D

Jia Ling said...

I saw one of these on facebook and I really love it. Her face looks really unique and I love the whole colour and feel of the pictures <3 Thanks for posting and sharing more from the set you took!

I played FFXIII in Japanese but not in English (I hear the translation was so so) and while I don't think its the crowning glory of the series, I actually enjoyed it to an extent. It had its corny moments but the VAs did really well.

My only thought about playing it in the native language was that, the way the script was written was so Japanese/Asian in motivation and theme that translation would be quite X_x; That and the Japanese got the many chapters of prologues which fills a great deal of holes in the game here and there. You can read a translation of them here.


To me the story was nothing stellar, and actually lacking, but I loved the characters. I actually disliked most of the cast initially but they turned out more endearing later on. To each his own though. I hope they do better next time but its not a terrible game either.

sringangel said...

Her eyes are really beautiful :)
Very outstanding shoots!
Collab. with Sugizo again : Jealous >w<

Comic con this year doesn't have much pull for me compared to E3. Except for Starcraft II and I'm not sure whether Marvelvs.Capcom is in or not D: But they should be there right...
So I don't think you'll miss out much :3

Final Fantasy XIII : I was only interested at the new gameplay system they put up this time. It looks complex but really cool. I don't have a ps3 but If I do I might buy it just to see the new gameplay system.
Other then that, FF13 just strikes me off as another average game but with good graphics.

miss ifa said...

the framing, composition and color are gorgeous!!! the model is lovely too.


sinsong said...

love love the shots! especially the 2nd look. it's amazing.

dario said...

theyre so beautiful.
and when you said that youd be in san diego my eyes bulged O_O

you should do an inspire meetup on sunday, i want to meet one of my biggest muse. i really hope you read this. thankyou, x.

Zhang Jingna said...

Thanks all!

dario: I'll only be in San Diego on Saturday for Comic Con. I don't think a meetup is possible this time.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing pictures, especially the portrait at the top. Such a classic picture, but it is So Charming and Charismatic. Amazing, amazing, amazing! :)

Juu Sommi :) said...

Wow soo pretty pictures love them ^-^

xD I think everybody can lost hiself in games especially Final Fantasy ^.^

Parya said...

these are incredible photos ... i'm a huge fan of your work, you have such a great sense for really aesthetic pictures! i always love to look at them <3

dreamtomatoes said...

you had time to finish FFXIII??? dang. square enix has been making me sad ever since ffx-2.

anyways, you got to collaborate with sugizo AGAIN??? soooo jealousss. in LA? O_o? welp, i look forward to seeing every picture you took. :]

have fun at comic con!

Brian said...

Hi. I don't think I've ever commented on your blog but I've been following your work for a while now. Great work! You've got so many inspirational pieces.

Now for the other part of my comment. I'm not sure what types of video games you live but Starcraft II is coming out in 3 days. Its been like 10 years in the making. You may like that one. =) Cut scenes are great.

Life as it comes said...

Just wanted to say that the photos you take are great! Absolutely lovely

Atropine said...

Beautiful work *__*

"Square Enix, why. WHY" Agree.