Fool's Mate: SUGIZO - 月下の神託

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sugizo - 月下の神託
Fool's Mate, Vol 348, Oct 2010
Interview & text by Sachie Tojo
Photography: Zhang Jingna

Los Angeles (Pg 1-2):
Hair & Makeup: 鈴木美子; Photo assistant: Matthew Chretien
Japan (Pg 3-8):
Coordinator: Chiaki Oshima; Hair & Makeup: Tomoko Ono; Photo assistant: Shunshin

Yay more Sugizo photos~ 

The first shot was taken while I was in L.A. this June.

Sugizo and I met up in Hollywood one day and we discussed about working together again. He knew where he wanted to shoot, so we only had to run through the ideas and outfits.

On the shoot day we drove some three hours out of L.A. for my first trip to a desert. It was so hot the soles of my shoes started coming off at some point and I had to walk around with them flapping all day. -_-

I realized that I probably like shooting in the cold better, though it's probably harder for a model to perform in extreme cold as opposed to heat. (Remember Sugizo trembling as he played the violin for me during the last shoot /sweat)

This one had been more or less smoother in terms of logistics and weather~ And Sugizo's always really nice to work and hang out with. We'll probably go through more photos later when I've a bit more time. :D

The black and white shots were photographed in Japan last December, as the most of you probably already know. Time really flies doesn't it? It really doesn't feel like there'd been much and a good deal of 2010 is already over.

Scans are from the Russian Luna Sea community, stitched together with my original photos for the centre portions that were cut off.


Hannah Bacalla said...

Awesome work! The tiny picture is my favorite :)

Tiffany S. said...

Gorgeous photographs. You're amazing! x

Zie Yong said...

Amazing photographs..I like the black & white shots,the LA shots were very good the way,what kind of camera do you use?if you don't mind i'm asking,just curious..;)

Barbara said...

amazing man. amazing pictures. great atmosphere!

Stacy said...

Beautiful photographs! :)

Andy King said...


Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita said...

The black and white ones are just perfect!
I love the one with the violin, it's just lovely. I love how light and shadows mix!

You are just amazing! <3

Anonymous said...

Thank for sharing. Sugizo is one of good model and you are excellent photographer.

dreamtomatoes said...

This is kind of random, but I noticed the wind turbines in the background of the LA pic and I was wondering if they're really noisy or not. I've been studying up on green energy. :p thanks~

Anonymous said...

he looks like shion from the soundtrack movie ^__^ beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Zhang Jinga, you're possibly one of the most talented photographers I saw, ever.

Sugizo and You are like born to work together, this is just beyond everything I know. He's charisma and artistry, along yours inner clock to take this wonderful photos in matter of seconds is.. something.

Hope that anime, "kawai", pop, internet, whatever is called this generation, but are without self-consciousness and so will live a an unfulfilled life, this photos what will see in Fool's Mate magazine or thro other media, etc., will inspire them in some point.

Although all photos are talking many things, second one got me the most.

Enjoy your life,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

Hisietari said...

Wow, two of my favourite artists - you and SUGIZO - working together. Is there any better way for a photoshooting to go? :) The result is magnificient! I'm almost jealous you could meet, but I don't know if I should be jealous he could work with you, or that you could meet him. *lol* Just kidding of course. ;D Thanks a lot for the great art!