Back in Tokyo

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lights are wrapped around the trees lining Omotesando Dori, it's beautiful, and reminds me of how close Christmas really is.

I was just settling into Toronto after touching down last Thursday, before an unexpected email from Sugizo's manager arrived two days later, asking if I'd be keen to photograph Luna Sea's LIVE in Tokyo at Tokyo Dome this weekend.

The past couple days had been sleepless with my packing, flight from LA to Toronto, meetings, more meetings, retouching, the pending confirmation for my Tokyo trip, and then packing again followed by the 13-hour flight from Toronto to Narita. I was retouching even on the plane.

It feels good to be back in Japan, this trip marks my 10th time in Tokyo.

In some ways, the familiarity makes it feel like a 2nd home to me now. And I think that familiarity is something really beautiful, for it brings back memories, making those moments feel close and real again, and that feeling is precious, almost like a dream, but real. So much memories here.


Barbara said...

Luna Sea's!!

Samantha Nandez said...

It's beautiful! Enjoy your trip :)

Alexandre said...

So nice ^_^
I can just imagine the stress you had to set all things right...
Enjoy your time there ^_^

(I miss Pocky and Melon pan ... T_T, lol)

zann said...

yup... love Tokyo too. Its familiar but there is always something new too.

Anonymous said...

Jingna, it seemed that u took the sunshine way from L.A. It's been raining day and night since you left and it's still raining. Laguna beach downtown is flooded and many roads are closed.
I am glad you are in JP now and I am sure it will be warmer than CAN
Merry Japanese Christmas!

Momo said...

Oh, hope your trip is wonderful! It sounds like you have a very great job, something I hope to have someday! Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

elaeye said...

Aw...Christmas in Japan- sounds like so much fun. And it sounds like a dream to have been to Japan so many times, even if it was for work ^__^

Best of luck with your photography - concerts sound exciting (but difficult to photograph!)


Hi Zann, i was there in 8 Dicember...beautiful Tokyo, beutiful girls, beautiful Sushi...Happy Christmas!

Yuta Ishikawa said...

Hi zingna!! have a great time in Japan!!

Quique Mañas said...

Happy new year!!! Hope this year all is gonna be great and I know that your work will be even more inspiring and beautiful! :)

faithfully yours


nekonana said...

You are about as young as me yet it sounds like you never have time to rest. Hard works are never wrong, hope you take care of your health too.
Have a blessed cat year!