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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

January 2011 Jingna will be available in Toronto

For more information, appointments or bookings
contact Suzy Johnston  +1-416-863-5115

So yeap, this is the major announcement I was talking about~! I am now represented by Suzy Johnston + Associates~

If you're wondering how this affects you (or me), well, if you're a North American client now you have someone to go to! :D But for the majority of you who aren't, it means I'll have more consistent help and be able to do more personal work, and hopefully be able to actually start touring my exhibitions other than just doing them in Singapore. That and I guess, it basically means I'll have more time for my 2nd book proper, to get it together sooner. 

I know it sounds vague but I am trying my best to work on everything. Please be patient with me. ;_;

I also have some plans to roll out fine art edition and limited edition prints from next year on. If you have something you'd been pining for ages please do tell me what they are, but keep in mind I won't be able to make every piece of work I have available because it's quite a big inventory. They'll probably also be a bit pricey for the most of you because fine art prints are just really expensive to make... sorry. OTL

And and, I'll be doing a mini giveaway next week once work clears up! I'm shooting a campaign for a wonderful Singaporean designer tomorrow, will keep you guys posted~! :3


stargirlphotography said...

yay! well done Jingna! Sounds like this is just a precursor to a hell of alot of fun for you =)

nicole said...

well this is exciting :D

you should definitely have a north american tour (:

psst. come to chicago.

krayle. said...


dreamtomatoes said...

yayyy!!!! I look forward to your new work!!! :D

Flo(rence) said...

congratulations! ^_^

if and when you're able, please have an exhibition in new york! it'd be wonderful to see your work here.

Adia said...

wow congrats to you!

Laura Crowell said...

ah that's so exciting! I've been following your work since I was in high school. lovely to hear you might possibly show in my neck of the woods! (I'm from near Toronto)

I love being able to see the physical versions of people's work I admire online. it being tangible just makes it so much more impressive somehow.

Derrick said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jingna!

I would DIE for "Before the Storm" I've been wanting that ever since I laid eyes on it. :)

maya said...

this is late but CONGRATS! well deserved!