FILLER Magazine: A Beautiful Death

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Beautiful Death
FILLER Magazine, Fall 2011

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Fashion Editor: Tricia Campbell Hall
Art Director: Ryan Johnson
Hair: Adrian Carew/Push
Makeup: Greg B/Push
Manicure: Charisse Feliciano
Model: Heather Peat/Sutherland
Styling Assistant: Roma Singh
Photography Assistants: Jason Mckenzie, Kevin Luc

Just realized that it's been a long long long long time since I'd blogged. Omg my last photo post was NASL finals wtf. To think that 2 MLG's have already passed since then.... ;_;

I want to start off by saying just how much I love this shoot. Omg you have no idea~ 

I was so so super in love with Heather's face, it made me super happy that we got her for the story. And Tricia! I'd seen her work for FILLER so many times in envy of the other photographers who worked with her, words can't express how fortunate I felt to be able to have her styling my story this time~ Ryan was once again amazingly brilliant and put in 200% for all the little (and big) things I demand for (yes I can ask for a lot for my shoots T_T). And I'm super glad that everything came together perfectly as I envisioned it to be at the end of the day thanks to an awesome team of hardworking people. ILU all <3

Moving on~ Just a quick recap of what I've been doing -- 

MLG Anaheim ended July 31st, we had a superbly fun after party (and then an after after party and everyone went home at 4am in the morning). I headed back to Singapore from Aug 4th-8th to appear as a guest judge in The Big Shot Season 2 for two episodes. The production value and quality of work from the photographers have increased so much this time, it was actually pretty impressive. I was a little bit mean though because everyone else was super nice, so sorry T_T. Overall it was very fun and I managed to catch up with a lot of the editors I work with which is something always filled with much joy and laughter~ 

But argh still... long flights are super painful. At least I'm finally close to getting my Krisflyer Gold after a year and will be able to start using the lounges to relax during transits soon... Can you believe that no one ever told me that I just needed just a frequent flyer program per ONE alliance instead of one for every airline this whole time I'd been flying until last year?!?? as;ldkjfg

Anyway, when I returned to L.A. I did a shoot for Evil Geniuses when the BlizzCon StarCraft II Invitational happened. A bit of a random job but I've always enjoyed doing things related to my hobbies and IdrA was really nice in person. :3 

Mid month I flew to Toronto for 2 weeks for some shoots and appointments. This spread for FILLER is one of them and I can't wait to share the other one with Flare which is super pretty too~ 

After Toronto I flew back to the US for MLG Raleigh. It was a bit scary because Hurricane Irene was due to hit the coast that exact weekend. But I guess the gods decided we were to have our StarCraft II tournies in peace so nothing really damaging happened where we were and I'm really grateful for that. 

Came back to L.A. after MLG Raleigh and had been busy catching up with retouching deadlines since.

My team has also just signed some new players and sponsors and it's been crazy trying to juggle the team stuff and photo work but I really like both so just gotta keep trucking along~ 

I'd also just shot a really beautiful cover for Random House, and whilst I don't know when it'd be released I have to say I enjoyed working on it so much that just thinking about it makes me smile. 

So... I keep telling myself I need to update the blog and write about some stuff that's been on my mind but... I take so long to write something even remotely readable, it's just really hard for me. What really made me a bit sad was when I read this, it was then that I realized how tired and dejected I am sometimes these days that I don't even know or want to say anything anymore. 

Maybe I've become a really boring person than before over the years? I don't know D: but anyway here be some behind the scenes photos~  


Adam Haworth said...

I love Zhang Jingna's work I really think she is one of the best fashion photographers today.

novatrap said...

I never commented here but I do love reading your blog!
It's always interesting to read about what you're working on! The side-stories and behind the scenes shots give it all a personal touch and that's what I like the most because not many photographers do that.
I even read your post(s) about Starcraft and I'm totally not into that game c:
So I hope to hear a bit more about your adventures heh ♥

Pix said...

Wasn't my intention to make you sad, silly. I meant to make you feel there's like - literally - million people out there who think you're amazing. Being hardworking isn't boring! You know that line: staring at the stars is all fine and dandy, but somebody's got to milk the cows?... You prove to us that within all this relentless 'blink and you'll miss the opportunity' one can still remain so very fundamentally human.

Pix said...

PS If you ever decide to publish a book about HOW it is to do what you do, even if it is just this blog on paper, it would sell like cupcakes, wouldn't you think? Isn't that the mother of all group hugs for the soul?? :))

Dee said...

Your shots are awesome and full of character - thumbs up, seriously!
Gambate! :)

<3 Dee

Ubin said...

I love the behind the scene shots. The way the model is being pruned and and polished, and makes her seem that much more...doll-like. As usual, beautiful visions and shot and editing. About don't need them. You've got talent, you work hard, and you bring magic to a lot of people.

chibiaion said...

Superb! Never thought death like that could be any gorgeous. Thumbs up! buy aion accounts

Yamabuki said...

I've been over
This bridge before
Seen Lethe's water
Passing by
So many times
These words
Have been spoken
So many times
Have they arrived
As we lonely walked
The path of graves

- yamabuki

arin said...

OMGGGG the model looks like a fancy doll.. like dream of doll ^^
And the tone make i perfect.... and yes like the others I miss your blogging too

Lhizette C. said...

I must say your behind the scene shots are gorgeous too. Those top view photos with the other people makes the model look like she's being investigated by the coroner or something. <3 your work.

Laki Gushary said...

Top notch, as always. This one surely deliver. The toning compliments the deadness. Beautiful

dreamtomatoes said...

PAHAHAHA! The behind the scenes are so funny. I wonder what the models were thinking about their own poses. xD
Looking forward to more behind the scenes in future posts. Love them. :]

Steampunk Oni said...

You continue to inspire me everyday! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. It's understandable that you're busy and unable to post your thoughts; but you posting your pictures are worth a thousand words and tell the story of your adventures. We get to travel with you and enjoy the experience through our laptops and desktops. Many thanks are just not enough.

CC's photography said...

I saw one of your photo at this blog:

I did drop comment that "I believe one of the photos belong to Zhang Jingna", but the comment was deleted...

Imelda Lim said...

Ooo damn ! !
it's very cool ! ! all your work <3
stunning as always !
always inspire me !
want to be like you someday :D

max hodges said...

Great execution! Who did retouching?


kegro said...

You did a really great job. Very individuel, and the clothes are beautiful.

Clay said...

Your picture reminds me of my sister who had died a year ago. I saw the process he died, when we went to aunt's house together. We had an accident, when my sister died in place, because it was bleeding. I saw him smile at me, after that I can not remember because I fainted again.

flaptraps said...

Love this series!!

Clipping path said...

amazing post! u've done really excellent job!! thanks a lot for sharing with us.

J said...

i love this so so so so so so unbelievably much!