Zink: It Blooms In The Night

Friday, January 27, 2012


It Blooms In The Night
Zink Magazine, Jan 2012

Photography & Styling: Zhang Jingna
Hair: Chloe Doan
Makeup: Angela Peralta
Model: Yuki Matsumura
Photo Assistant: Conan Thai

This was done quite a while ago in the Mojave Desert. We had to drive 4 hours each way from where I lived, it was the longest I'd travelled for a shoot done on the same day. Totally worth it though, I wanna shoot in a desert again ;_;

So thankful for having Conan too, who carried all the gear and luggage for clothes and trekked maybe 2 hours back and forth to the car, also grateful for my awesome crew for putting up with the difficult day, it was really not easy.

And omg I could hardly believe I was getting published in Zink. I remember going through their issues when I first started photography, and wondering if perhaps one day I would get good enough to be published in it too.

It's feels kind of like when my works came out in Fool's Mate and Gothic & Lolita Bible, except this time it's actually related to my work instead of just being for something that was an interest, so in a way it's kind of extra meaningful and I feel so super fortunate for the opportunity.

Some behind the scenes and photos taken along the way:


Michelle Fennel photography said...

I really like this! Gorgeous work as usual <3

I shared it on my photography side on facebook...absolutely worth spreading...mmmh..

Zhang Jingna said...

Thank you!

gnohz said...

Beautiful work! The 1st and 4th are my favourites, especially the 1st~
And behind the scenes are always welcome :D

Eizu said...

OMG! Another beautiful work from you!!! It really must be a hard time having a photoshoot like that, but like you said it really was worth it.

I'm just a budding photographer and it really is hard managing a team to be able to have a great shot.

*giggles* you're so cool!

OtherMix said...

I love your photo's! I think you're the best!

Nokadota said...

Yeah, I am definitely tumblr'in these photos. Great work! I love the location.

Dianishhh said...

excellent pictures!!

Jorge said...

I always like to see how it works people that I admire. Nice pics!

namimosa said...

gorgeous photos - as usual.
I had to smile because last summer I was on a little trip through america and made a short toilet stop at this motel. ;)

senna said...

Amazing photo!
I love how the angle and the model's expression.

himiko said...

excellent work! love it!

Chanp said...

nice work, great title! :)

northierthanthou said...

Interesting setting and interesting outfit. ...very pretty girl.