New Hair

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bits and pieces of recent happenings~

Did my hair on a whim the other day. It was completely random, I was just going to the salon (Sabun Cabane in Tanglin Mall) to get my roots done but my hair stylist Delos was like heyyy you wanna put some colours in?

And when painting the pinks in she was like a kid in a candy store, said it reminded her of candy floss hahaha. Delos is awesome.

So anyway, that was cool and all, but what was more awesome was when I had to do a self portrait session for some upcoming interviews and features two days later.

I somehow managed to land a couple shots that reminded me super much of Yoshitaka Amano's work, which came as a huge surprise, like totally, totally unexpected.

If doing my hair in random colours does this for my work, I should totally do it more often.

I think I ran away from the brief (stark, sharp, non-artistic stuff) but what the heck, I like the pictures. Can't wait to share them with you but I don't think I'm allowed to yet. Soon enough though, hopefully~ I've to say I love them to the point of considering them for my next book/exhibition. So I'm really really excited~ :D

I do have camwhoring shots done after makeup tho hehe -


Another recent highlight was Natalia Taffarel's retouching workshop last weekend. It's been a long time since I'd been to a workshop or talk of any sort, but it was extremely fun and the people were really nice. Natalia is sooooo good (and pretty).

After spending a lot of time together (including crashing together in her host's son's bed the last night, with said 12-year-old son since refusing to sleep on his bed ever again because "GIRLS SLEPT IN IT"), I'm finally considering to perhaps hold workshops myself as well. ^^


I received an email from a lecturer at LCAD telling me that he has two students from Singapore in his class this semester, and when asked how they found out about the school, he was told that it was cuz I tweeted about giving a lecture there last year (ok I blogged about it too).

But I mean, woahhhh, I don't think I could be more flattered. I guess it's a bit like how I want to go to Yale just cuz Gregory Crewdson teaches there. Yeah.


My SC2 team Infinity Seven recently got our shirts done! Thank you ScienceWerk for the badass design, it looks so cool~ :D

I'd been wearing it to work sometimes and it's totally not awkward haha. Also thank you dA and SteelSeries for sponsoring us, you guys are so completely awesome <3


Planning a trip to New York next month to April, will most probably drop by Ohio for MLG Columbus, and then back to NY to shoot some and hopefully meet some ad agencies and photo reps. But before that I've so many tentative flights I'm not sure when I can actually get to NY, hate it when so many things are pending and on hold. ;_;

I'm working on processing the last of my shoots from in L.A., done before I came back. One set with Mother of London and one with Michelle Phan. Omg so many pictures I love. *3*

All in all a lot of things coming up~ publications, editorials, interviews, workshops (maybe), trips, and a group exhibition in Hong Kong~ do follow me on Facebook and Twitter for regular as-and-when updates! :D


Euri said...

Nice hair~~~~~~
I totally love the color!

I also like your shirt. Hmm... XD

gnohz said...

Yay to pink hair! :D
I see you in the video too ^^
Take care and don't get too stressed up~

Katriena Emmanuel - The View through my Third Eye said...

your hair looks soo cool! love the bits of pink through it and the cut!'re so lucky you are photogenic and take great photos yuhself. Can't wait to see the self portraits for the interview with you.! keep us posted

Quique Mañas said...

You're quite brave doing that to your hair, I'm very classic with that haha I wouldn't do it. However, I think you took a right risk!The result is very nice :) I like it.

So envy and happy for you because of all the things you do, you have such an interesting life in my view. Of course, you deserve all this, you've worked so hard for it and it's great everything is going well!

I dream someday I become someone like you. I'm working hard in my way to get that! I hope someday I meet you in a photography or fashion event/work haha that would be so great!

Mani said...

The new hair looks great on you! :)

judyhimechan said...

cute new hair!!! you're visiting NY?! will you ever do a meet up for fans? i'm in NY and would love to meet you because I really love your work! :D

Zhang Jingna said...

@Katriena: Haha I'm not photogenic at all, I have like 1-2 good angles and I totally try to exploit that to the best I can XD

@Quique Mañas: I don't know, you can be adventurous if you'd like, there's nothing to fear! :D

@judyhimechan: Yup yup I'll try to organize a fanmeet when I'm there, for sure! Keep an eye out for updates on facebook!

IMinato said...

Your hair looks great. :)
Any chance the shirt will be up for sale soon? :>

Take care and continue with the great work.All the best from germany :)

Stephanie said...

I love your hair!! You pull it off so well!

chryl said...

OHMYGOD i can't believe that mr. CX actually mentioned us to you! i'm one of the 2 LCAD students from sg.. we're from NYP and friends of huafeng too. it's a crazily small world. and i really have to thank you for that tweet/blogpost; if it weren't for that, we wouldn't have discovered the school and be here today!thank you :)

dan said...

the hair is cool, but the jersey is awesome, i am actually a big fan, is it ok if i ask for an infinity seven shirt? :D pwease?

flaptraps said...

Awesome! the hair looks great! and some of your new pics went to my ref folder if thats ok :) hope your well!

Zhang Jingna said...

@dan: We have it on sale now! :D

@Rich: Thank you! And omg save as many as you want please. It's like the greatest form of flattery to me. Hope you're well too! <3

Z.Han said...

Gosh, you look your best now, since the day you came nyp for a talk. I totally dig this new hair!

Mitzi Lambert said...

Wow color as well the style of hair is looking cool. it will definitely suit to me. <3 <3

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