Short Film: L'Odyssée de Cartier

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Last week I was invited to the press premiere of Cartier's short film: L'Odyssée de Cartier. I could hardly contain my excitement after receiving the press package with screenshots because it looked so so so so promising. The film has been launched now and you can view it on Youtube here:

Couple stills from the opening scene:

Beautiful isn't it? It's filled with so much fantasy and beauty you can't possibly feel disappointed because it's just so absolutely breathtaking beyond words. Also helps that the panther (a real one), is so so good looking.

We received a book on the project after the screening, in which each scene was explained, with its story and significance in the history of Cartier.

Each highlight had its own envelope and in it, an introduction, old photos, drawings, pamphlets, posters -- so exquisite you feel like you have a small piece of the Cartier archives with you. It's a super sweet touch.

This book is filled with so much awesome content I love it to bits. T_T

In closing, thank you Cartier for inviting me and sharing with us this beautiful cinematic work of art.

Theatres in Singapore will start showing this 3.5min short film prior to some movies at Cathay cinemas, Shaw Lido, and Golden Village Vivo. Hope you guys will enjoy seeing it on the large screen too~


Kirsty Mitchell said...

!!!!!!! you just made my breakfast AMAZING !!! =D XXXX The jeweled tree!!!! Oh my god !! Thanks Jingna !

Zhang Jingna said...

Haha glad you enjoyed it! So much sparklies!! Beautiful isn't it XDD

Kate said...

Wow this is stunning! I kind of want to watch it on a big screen now instead of just my laptop. Thanks for sharing!

Pras said...

That is an amazing clip, thanks for sharing. Absolutely love the CG mixed with the soft mood. When I grew up in Europe, every girl wanted a Cartier Trinity ring; this by far the best promo film they ever made. Beautiful.

Jonathan said...

Magnificent, gorgeous film. Would you ever like to direct something like that?

Zhang Jingna said...

@Jonathan: Definitely hope to!

Lucas said...

Wonder if thats the same magic portal in the beginning as they used in the swarovski cinema spot :P

Thanks for sharing. looks like an amazingly produced book.

ZALORA Singapore said...

We couldn't bring ourselves to skip the Cartier ad on Youtube (despite the "skip this ad in 5 seconds" option)!

Momographica said...

My, this is pure magic! What a wonderful piece of beauty! The dragon left me speechless.
Thank you for sharing :)