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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FHM Singapore, July '12

My first printed interview where I get to talk about the team! :D

Thank you Kelly for including me in the article alongside uber cool girls Anna Prosser, Jessica Chobot, Morgan Romine and Rachel Quirico~

Unfortunately I was overseas when we did this so I couldn't slot a new shoot in with the pink hair. Now the colours are all washing out and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be changing it next week when I go to the salon. Ah well next time >_>;;


OtherMix said...

Love the article! :]

Love the photo's too, you look great!

Jamie Greenwood said...

Great article!!! You are my hero! I am constantly blown away by your talent, are you this good at EVERYTHING you do!? <3 -Jamie

Jenny ❦ said...

You inspire me.

family Fun said...

So you are a photographer and a gamer right? I am trying to figure that out