The Art Train: Zhang Jingna - Photographer

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I was interviewed by Jet at The Art Train recently!

We talked about muses, inspirations, humility, and raising awareness in art from young.

Do give a read and check it out here:


Darth Lolita said...

I really loved your comment about humility and the simple, but effective advice of "take lots of photos."

I think you're right--it's important that in practice, one should do something over and over again and grow from it. Quality is of course important, but we won't get there without a lot of unseen quantity.

Great interview! :D

Xin said...

The interview was interesting! I like that you want to improve yourselve. I really like your photography.

Fiona said...

Self taught in lighting, camera... everything! ah :) you're so cool Jingna

bho said...

Love the interview, such an inspiration. Very good advice that I will definitely keep in mind. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work you do!