Photography for Asia's Next Top Model

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

YouTube HD video for Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 Episode 6 is up!

It was a beauty challenge for TRESemmé and I'm really honored to have been invited to photograph the episode. 

You can check out the video here:

My favorite part was with Helena around 27min40sec, it's pretty funny. :D

Some of the photos:

Sofia Wakabayashi, Photo of the Week!
Melissa Th'ng Mei Ling
Stephanie Retuya

I've been keeping busy since moving to New York. Besides finding an apartment and getting 99 used Hermann Hesse books from Amazon, I've also got a new project planned, to be announce soon. It's going to be something personal and fun and I'm super excited to start shooting. :D

I'm also going to backtrack a little and post some behind-the-scenes from last year! So if there's a particular shoot you'd like to see, leave a comment to let me know and I'll try to find something.

PS: I'm a finalist in the Fashion and Beauty categories for [FRAMED] Awards! You can vote for me daily until Feb 8th


丹丹 said...

Helena is such a cutie! Sad that Rachel got dropped though; I thought her photo was really good ^o^

It was fun to see you in action too! Looking forward to your new projects!


Barbi said...

I don't even watch this show, only watched it to see your work, and it was so exciting to watch you work :) The photos turned out lovely, my favourite one was the one of the girl with short black hair (the one who was 2nd I think)!
Looking forward to your new project! :)
p.s. sorry for my ignorance but what's your first name? Zhang or Jingna? XD Zhang can be both a first and last name as far as I know, so I'm a bit confused :)

Steffi S. said...

voted!!! always love your work!

Zhang Jingna said...

@Barbi: First name is Jingna :)

Van said...

I watched this show while I was in Singapore last week. Such a surprise to see my favorite photographer in this show! I must say however beautiful Helena is her attitude is just so ugly.

Barbi said...

Thought so, just wasn't sure as many people on your fb page called you Zhang! :) thanks :)

Liz said...

I watched it and you were very cool! I didn't like that Helena was complaining about you though :<.

Rania said...

Woah - Top Model (although the America-version) has been a show I've watched for soooo long - amazing that you got to be a part of it, congratulations! It was so nice to see you work :)

As a photographer, I always feel that they show too little of the photographing-part though. I would love to hear more about how it was!

Also, I'm curious to know what lighting setup is used to create such a nice shine in the hair? (except for good hair styling of course!) I have a beauty shoot on friday and would love some tips :)

Balayla said...

It's really cool they asked you to photograph! And I think all of your pictures turned out beautiful :).
And about Helene, she is just too busy with herself to notice what others are really asking of her. She'll bump her head on this eventually...
(I'm a DA-follower btw :D)

Jairo Avila said...

Helena seemed to confident and not humble like the rest of the gals :S sad thats image most people see of models :/ your work was amazing as always cant wait to see future projects :D keep up the hard work ^^

PS Hopefully its anime/manga/videogame related >.< lol

Darth Lolita said...

wow, I haven't seen a Next Top Model episode in forever, and I've never seen this particular spin off. Those were beautiful photographs :D

(Also, voted for you at the awards xD)

Lacelette said...

I'm not too fond of Helena's attitude. She seems a bit like a high school student instead of a professional model. Sofia, on the other hand, has an amazingly composed, classic beauty. By far my favourite.
So cool to see you in action! <33 If I could choose to see any behind the scenes stuff, it would be from the SingaporeBrides shoot~!
Also, congratulations with the new apartment, it looks badass!

Lisa (paint with stars) said...

I watched the episode! You were wonderful :)
By the way, I saw that Luna Sea was playing at Budokan in Tokyo the other day (was randomly passing through due to a shoot), and I thought of you!

Can't wait to see more photos soon ^^

Julia said...

Mmm, cool photos, and nice girls ^_^

Tabitai said...

I just sat through the episode to see you--omgosh, sound like such a groupie, but I was really excited to see you work!

Lovely photos and--of course--your hair kicked as much butt as Sofia's♥ Tresemme should've taken THAT! haha