Questions for me?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

If I were to make videos, what part of my work or photography in general would you like to hear me talk about?

Would be great if you can be as specific as possible! :D

And many thanks to all who've sent in suggestions via Facebook and Twitter!


Sanim said...

Hey Jingna! (:

I would love to know how you do your post production / retouching on your uber amazing photos. Especially how you get the details so tack sharp.

And what would be the best way to begin, if one were to start off in glamour photography?

Also, do you ever run out of poses or concepts?
And if you have a creative block, what do you do? For e.g. when you know you can do better but the product does not come out well from you... And you begin eating up your own creativity?

Well, hope you're having a good time.

Keep inspiring,
Love you,
For the positive energy you have to give your best in all you do,

Pix said...

Well, the part about you and your work I used to love the best, were your anecdotes about early photoshoots. All the stuff that went wrong, uncooperative locations, how much impro was needed, how in awe you still were when you saw what came out of it. I miss those stories. They were a little bit of 'Just don't panic' for other little photographers like me. Just pick a more recent photo - that at a time was a bitch to get to - and talk about how you felt, confronted with a professional challenge. Or a piece of gear or whatever. Whatever made you challenge it on a duel of wits and hearts.

Esa said...

Hello! Thank you for such an inspiring images!

I would like to know how you communicate with your models (littlebit funny questions since you work with the professionals but...) how you build the atmosphere and keep the models in the right mood. How you drive them into your vision? Do you give them a role to play or tell about the style and vibe your looking for? I love the sensuality and calmnes of your pictures and i think it might come from the way you work with your girls.

All the best!

photossee said...


your work is so awesome. I think the most interesting thing to make a video is how you communicate with the models and then your workflow and post production
thank you

Laura said...

I'm curious about your post-processing style! & also how you became fluent in Japanese :3

Anonymous said...

Hello! Been a fan since your early devart days! Can't wait for your short vids!

I think a lot of people are interested in your post-processing process, but I think a vlog of a photoshoot would be awesome too! Pre-photo, during, and post. So curious of how your photos are made and what goes into it.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Your art is so very inspiring
I would love to actually see your process of taking the photo, such as the one you uploaded already :)