Yana Shmaylova

Friday, February 22, 2013

Photography: Jingna Zhang
Hair: Linh Nguyen @ Kate Ryan
Makeup: Wendy Karcher @ Melbourne Artists Management
Model: Yana Shmaylova @ Marilyn NY
Photo Assistants: Tony Li, Deborah Baik

Yay dream team! Linh always does such amazingly beautiful hair it makes me weep.

There were some logistics problems prior to the shoot but we made it happen in the end, and once on set it was super easy to get into the groove. Great hair, beautiful makeup, super pro model, so important to work with a great team who can make you forget all your troubles and just focus on their awesomeness!

Also in case you missed my previous post, I'm thinking about doing a few short videos, and would like to know what part of my work or photography in general you'd like to hear me talk about!

And and! I'm also looking for cosplayers to shoot with. If you're in the NY area and interested please send me an email info@zhangjingna.com with your work thank you!

PS: Is anyone going to WPPI? I'm probably going to be there on the 12th/13th!


Devyn Coleman said...

Talking about your work, could you tell us about lighting tricks you've learned? Or about using those solid colored (black/white) backgrounds. I love your lighting and the choice of simple background for fashion.

Liz said...

I agree - most beautiful hair ever!! The 2nd and 3rd photograph - her hair looks like spun silk, so amazing!

Victoria Villa said...

Such Amazing work!!! I really love it!!!

Barbi said...

I agree with the first poster, I'd love to know how you work with lighting, especially about how you started out with minimal gear (I know you wrote about using 1 light for your early work in another post already but there were no details of the setups, gear, ambient light used, etc) as I'm sure that would be very interesting and useful :)

Also perhaps something about how you go from a RAW image to a retouched one, maybe taking screenshots of the main stages of the editing process for 1 image? I always wonder how much of the photo is the original awesomeness and how much does editing add to it :) I love your work and look forward to any and all videos you do however! <3

Anonymous said...

ALL OF IT!! gosh, your photography is from another world, share your thoughts and (secrets) to us mortals.

PS: I'm so glad that you are blogging again! (Not as frequently as you used to) but I was really afraid that you had stopped blogging somewhere last year. Great to see you back :)

PS2: I love reading your long posts.

Many hugs and good luck with everything! <3