FILLER Magazine: Full of Grace

Friday, July 19, 2013

Full of Grace
FILLER Magazine, Summer 2013

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Alicia Simpson
Art Direction: Ryan Johnson
Hair & Makeup: Anna Nenoiu @ Page One Management
Model: Kenley @ Elmer Olsen Models
Photo Assistants: Ben Von Wong, Sam Tsang 

Haven't done location work in a long long time, it was fun! :D Many thanks to my awesome team for putting up with me and the great work all round, especially Ben and Sam for lugging all that lights with us the whole day! And also my lovely Canadian agent Suzy Johnston for the support and encouragement from start to end!


Lisa (paint with stars) said...

Jingna, these photos are simply gorgeous. I love the outdoor lighting, the way you made the model stand out from the backgrounds, and the masterful combination of hair/makeup and outfit coordination. Your photography is always beautiful artwork, and it inspires me every time. I would love to see more location shoots from you! Thank you for sharing these :)


Ella Ruth said...

These are absolutely magical! The colours are just incredible <3

Yo_Sentimento said...

A little word to say i'm admirative by tour style.
Regards, Yohann.

Anonymous said...

Jingna this is stuuuuuuh-ning and breathtaking, as everything that comes out of your lenses. Endlessly mesmerizing

<3 <3 <3