Motherland Chronicles #35 - Kalli

Monday, October 28, 2013

Motherland Chronicles #35 - Kalli

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Hair: Kelsey Petersen
Makeup: Lindsey Rivera
Model: Kalli Keith
Photo Assistants: Andre Wijono, Tobias Kwan, Michelle Herbert
Dress: Michelle Hebert

My mini obsession with braids and smoke go on. Also branches, Toby uses them a lot in his pieces so I figured I should try to add some hints of that as well. Coyote skull from his collection.

Shot this on the same day I did "In a Secret Garden". A rarity because I don't usually do more than one concept for Motherland Chronicles photoshoots because each one takes so much time to finesse and execute. 

But because I stay in Irvine and didn't want everyone travelling from LA to only do one picture, I tried squeezing 2 that day. Super ambitious of me >_<. But I'm glad we managed to make this work as well. Thank you team! ❤