Motherland Chronicles #38 - A Prayer

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Motherland Chronicles #38 - A Prayer  

One for every soul lost.

Photography: Zhang Jingna

Hair: Junya Nakashima
Makeup: Tatyana Kharkova
Model: Germaine Persinger
Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Linda Chow, Cong Lu

Dress: ArmStreet
Circlet & Choker: Harlequin Romantique

There is something a little more European about this image than the rest of my Motherland Chronicles pieces, I thought that was kind of nice. Then I realized that the pale hair and lashes reminded me of Ayami Kojima's work a little, which I thought hey, was pretty cool too, didn't see that when I was shooting. 

On set I had one of my favorite artists Lucong hang out and assist which was super sweet and kinda made me nervous, because omg someone I admire is watching my ghetto set where I take 10294828 hours just to get one picture. But, it turned out to be a really pleasant experience and we chatted about ways we work, old forum days and all that. :D

Super backlogged with posts and stuff but working on it! Excited about BlizzCon tomorrow!


TABITAI said...

It's super cute that you got nervous XD I think a ton of people would say the same if you were within a visible vicinity lol

Always amazing to see you create something so beautiful out of what you claim to be a "ghetto" set though *^*b

Jingna Zhang said...

Haha it's not everyday I have a fellow artist on set, only natural I get kind of nervous! XD

Thank you for the kind words <3