Motherland Chronicles #30 - Untitled Amano Girl

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Motherland Chronicles #30 - Untitled Amano Girl

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Model/Hair/Makeup: Alodia Gosiengfiao
Photo Assistants: Julia Wang, JoEllen Elam
Studio: Pillar Box Studios

Photo © Zhang Jingna
Character © Yoshitaka Amano

My first cosplay picture! Thank you Alodia for aiding my inner fangirl in making this possible! :D

In the beginning we were only talking about making one Motherland Chronicles picture (week 24),  we both got to L.A. for Anime Expo. But after hearing that she too had just visited Yoshitaka Amano's studio, I couldn't resist asking if she would be open to cosplaying one of his characters. And she said yes! 

So despite deadline and time-constraint Alodia managed to put the costume together and I was so excited you have no idea. I was almost a fangirl on set because it was just so exciting to see one of Amano's character come to life, and Alodia was so perfect for it too, I so want to do more cosplay shoots now~!

Special commendation for my assistant Julia that day, who did like, 4 hours of driving because I stayed in Irvine and her LA. So thank you and ♥ x100000!

Motherland Chronicles #29 - Lyle

Monday, August 26, 2013

Motherland Chronicles #29 - Lyle

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Hair: Junya Nakashima
Makeup: Yuui
Model: Denys Yakovenko
Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Ernie Chang

Etched gorget armor by ArmStreet
Choker and circlet by Harlequin Romantique

First guy for personal work in 3 years! Dedicated to my love for 80's and 90's Japanese fantasy anime, or maybe just mostly Amano's work. Also may or may not have been thinking about Laurent from Captive Prince by S.U. Pacat a lot? The possibilities are endless. :D

So happy I finally got to shoot a piece of armor from ArmStreet! Thank you Misha for lending me this beautiful gorget. 

Motherland Chronicles #26-28 - The Three Graces

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Motherland Chronicles #26-28 - The Three Graces 

Mini-series, featuring masks handcrafted in Venice by Casin dei Nobili for Motherland Chronicles.

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Masks by Casin dei Nobili

Hair: Junya Nakashima
Makeup: Viktorija Bowers
Model: Germaine Persinger
Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Ernie Chang, Tiffany Liu

A little behind on posts as we're busy working on the artbook promo video. I'm also trying to finish up a behind-the-scenes post for this, stay tuned! :D

Eleven Madison Park

Monday, August 19, 2013

Finally checked out Eleven Madison Park with my fellow Gundam Wing fan sister Melinda aka prodigybombay.

It was a really lovely experience. Coupled with the fact that the afternoon light was beautiful and my iPhone 5 turned out some pretty pictures, I figure I might as well blog it.

The experience was exquisite. From presentation to service to food, you can see just how much thought and care was put into every element at the restaurant.

But what stood out to me most was the beauty in presentation.

I don't think myself a gourmet by any stretch, but I've dined at a number of lovely places during my travels, and the food and table presentation at EMP was definitely one of the best I've seen, enhancing the dining experience as a highlight than merely a point to be complimented on.

Carrot tartare, with ingredients laid out on the side for you to choose what to mix in.

Out of 16 courses I loved the sea urchin snow with smoked cantaloupe and conch the most (top left, 1st pic). It reminded me a little of my time at Saturne in Paris, one of my fondest meals to date. But the clams, tomato confit with lobster, foie gras, roasted duck with apricots and fennel, picnic basket (hehe), malted egg cream, were all amazing in their own right.

The picnic basket was soooo cute. Even though I'd read about it online, it still held a lot of charm when laid out on my table in a room flooded with warm afternoon sunlight.

It took us about 3.5 hours to finish our meal, a little less time than I'd originally expected for a 16-course menu. 2 cookies and a pretzel were considered a course each so those didn't take up time, I guess it was the only real disappointment if you compared it to Guy Savoy's endless dessert trolleys. But I suppose that was just me being a kid wanting more sweets and not getting enough. I need a lot of desserts to go with my food. .__.

At the end of our meal our server was kind enough to request a kitchen tour for us. We managed to take a peek into the kitchens behind a standing table, and a dessert chef whipped up an Arnold Palmer drink, with sorbet and all, right in front of us.

Before heading home we were given a jar of granola! A small but sweet touch and super delicious. Thank you EMP for the souvenir.

All in all, though not a place I can return to weekly, it's an awesome experience I wholly recommend. :D

PS: Feel free to recommend me more places to eat in NY!

Dark Beauty Magazine: Demoure

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dark Beauty Magazine, July 2013

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Stylist: Michael Tucker
Hair: Shinya Nakagawa
Makeup: Fumiaki Nakagawa
Model: Kristi Wilson @ Q Management
Retouching: Pixo Imaging
Photographer’s Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Bitna Kim, and Tiffany Liu 

Featuring clothing by Lie Sang Bong, Gareth Pugh, Max Azria for Herve Leger, Joanna Mastroianni, Sally LaPointe and Katya Leonovich. Accessories by Rodrigo Otazu. Really adore the fashion in this story, such beautiful clothing and jewelry, makes the girl in me want to spend my monies. Special thanks to Ngoc for sourcing the lovely vintage books!

Savage Universal Sponsorship

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hi everyone! Today, I am happy to share the news that I am now proudly sponsored by Savage Universal, a worldwide leader in backdrops and photographic products.

Since moving to New York at the end of last year, Savage has been my brand of choice as I rebuilt my inventory in the new city. Their abundant selection of backdrops are great to work with, and has become an essential part of my studio.

I am very excited about the possibilities this partnership will bring to my future work. As it is, you have probably already seen some examples of the products I've tried out in Motherland Chronicles:

"Raven Girl", taken against Savage Monsoon Collapsible Backdrop
"Winterland Fairytales II", on Savage Monsoon Collapsible Backdrop
"Lily II", on Savage Black Collapsible Backdrop
And fashion work too:

Fashion Gone Rogue Editorial, on Savage Black Seamless Paper
Sarah Dobson, on Savage Thunder Gray Seamless Paper
Factice Magazine #19 cover, on Savage Fashion Gray Seamless Paper

I love grays and black and white, they are so versatile for color-toning in commercial work, but there's just something a bit more genuine to the picture when you shoot with a color. I can't wait to try the new backdrops I'll be receiving soon. Stay tuned! :D

Find out more about Savage Universal on their website and check out the full press release here.

Press contact:
Savage Universal:
Zhang Jingna: