Photo Professional Magazine April 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy to share that I'm on this month's cover of Photo Professional Magazine in the UK!

The inside article introduced the Motherland Chronicles and we talked a bit about my perspective on commercial vs personal work.

Interesting enough, the title "One Step at a Time" echoes a saying I love from the game of Go. Whenever I feel daunted by the million and one things I know I need to do ahead of me, I think of what one of my best friends and teachers used to say to me, "Go has to be played one step at a time". Obvious but so totally personally meaningful. :D (Also, didn't someone say to Hikaru in Hikaru no Go that "Akira is where he is today by playing one game at a time"?)

Thank you Terry for the lovely writeup!


Elle Vietnam: Elle Best Looks

Monday, April 21, 2014

Elle Best Looks
Elle Vietnam, May 2014

Photography: Zhang Jingna zemotion
Stylist: Phuong My
Editor: Quy Nguyen
Hair: Cash Lawless @ The Magnet Agency
Makeup: Deanna Melluso @ The Magnet Agency
Set Designer: Francesca Signori
Manicurist: Gerry Holford @ Artmix Beauty
Model: Isabelle Nicolay @ Supreme
Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Julia Gorbach, Demi Chen
Stylist Assistant: Kade Henderson

New editorial for Spring/Summer! :D 

We wanted to echo the theme of each brand's runway from the season for this story. Floor and props were prepared during the days leading up to the shoot then assembled together on the day itself. All done in my apartment! Thank you team for the awesome job and being patient, and Isabelle for being so beautiful~