Born 1988 in Beijing, Jingna lives and works in New York City.

A former Commonwealth Games medalist in air rifle, Jingna attended Raffles Girl’s School and Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. At 19, she left school and published her first photobook, “Something Beautiful”.

In the years since, Jingna's works have been featured on international editions of Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. Her solo exhibitions have been shown at The Arts House and Japan Creative Centre in Singapore; her group exhibitions include "45 Frames from Photo Vogue" at the Leica Gallery in Milan and "Your Favorite Artist's Favorite Artist" with Kris Kuksi at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York.

Jingna was named Master Photographer of the Year by Master Photographers Association in 2007, Photographer of the Year at ELLE Awards Singapore in 2011, and a recipient of the 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers in 2015.

Deeply influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites and Japanese fantasy art, Jingna's childhood dream was to become a Gundam Wing pilot and live in space on a Stanford torus habitat.

Jingna is currently teaching an online course, Artistic Portrait Photography, at Learn Squared, and running a Patreon, where she creates new contents for subscribers on a monthly basis. She is also producing the Motherland Chronicles artbook and working on her startup, a social platform for artists. In her free time, Jingna enjoys Go, Gundam, and reading. Her favorite authors are Hermann Hesse and Dorothy Dunnett.

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Robert Townsend said...

Am I really first ? No way.. Been following you on Deviant art for years now. Recently got a camera and moved to an university area where there are many media campuses in Xiasha Hangzhou China. Thought I'd give you a shout out. I am just looking for ideas.

Ogunsola H. Carter III said...

Greetings, just getting back into photography. I love your work! Just read about you in Digital Photo Pro. I really enjoy portrait, street, and journalistic photography but fashion intrigues and intimidates me at the same time. Thank you for your tips and I love your profile pic as well.

Cindy said...

Have to say that your blog is the only one seizing my eyes at the first second and I can't take my eyes off the screen ! I love alllll the pictures on your site . They are beyond comparison ! I don't think with simple words I can express how much I admire you ! Love your style so much !